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2018-12-10 15:06:30
>> #2312508
2017-01-21 22:52:55
>> #2085253
YOU FOOL! You've crossed the Waifu! We weren't ready for this yet!!

*Cataclysmic exploding implosion (Super Mario Galaxy's ending scene)*
2018-12-10 15:02:43
>> #2312507
This artist is one of the absolute worst ones too. He censors nipples for Christ's sake. That's a crime.
2018-11-07 00:26:01
>> #2299959
"Be sure to give me money for images of characters that I'm stealing because I don't have a license to use them!"

Fucking cancer.
2018-11-06 21:00:17
>> #2299897
Love my milfsuki :3 <3
2018-12-10 15:02:43
>> #2312506
>> #995519 that demon is dracula in true form
2012-02-05 19:41:13
>> #995519
Hey, this demon wasn't actually in Rondo of blood was it?
2011-02-08 18:16:04
>> #613201
Maria is jealous of Simon's hitbox.
2010-08-08 08:02:06
>> #393672
Finally The Power of Holy Rule 34 Break Downed The Great Wall of Kojima's Little Maria Renard. Thanks God.
2010-03-14 13:24:14
>> #256933
Ooo, featuring DXC Maria, nice.
2018-12-10 14:59:58
>> #2312505
Oh hey, a rhythm game with only one button? I could totally ace that. Too bad it had to be THIS artist who came up with the idea... :|
2018-12-09 00:17:39
>> #2311911
From looking at the image, I believe she also has an anal device inserted that shocks her. I think this is what the "low frequency" was referring to when she missed a note or failed a song.
2018-12-09 00:14:23
>> #2311910
Alright. From what I can gather from low quality translation is this:

She has suctions stuck on her nipples with a powerful adhesive that are always vibrating. It's too strong to remove with her hands.
She has a constantly vibrating dildo inside her that's attached to a spring/button device.
The device is wired to be the button for a rhythm game and sends a signal to the game when pressed deeply.
She has one minute during song selection between songs before it plays whatever is selected.
She needs to push the button according to the notes flowing to the rhythm of the song on the monitor installed on the wall in front of her.
If she doesn't clear all the notes, she gets a penalty of "low frequency?"
If she does a note incorrectly, it generates a strong low frequency until the minimum required notes for that song is reached.
The number of notes required to hit and number of songs she must complete to meet a quota are different depending on the difficulty of the song.
The lock on the fastener to the device will release after 3 hours of not passing the minimum score or from beating the game.
She can play as many times as she likes until she undoes the fastener after it unlocks.
However this turns off the game and semen in the waist tank behind her is injected into her vagina through the vibrator if the lowest quota of songs completed was not met.
If one cord breaks, it's treated the same as not meeting the quota.
The adhesive-removal agent and a key to the door are available after clearing the game, or 72 hours after undoing the costume's clasp without clearing it.
Only one exit and it's locked. A toilet with a shower, a cot, and a toothbrush set and food are prepared. So is a box with shoes.
2018-12-09 16:08:22
>> #2312131
^Preach brother, preach! Let it be know far an wide!
2018-12-09 15:11:03
>> #2312110
Asashio is the best!
2018-12-10 14:51:22
>> #2312502
We need this She-ra.
2011-11-06 12:11:38
>> #920092
@ Anon 4:
I believe you're right.
2011-03-25 14:06:11
>> #667871
Artist name is Nebeziel I think.
2011-03-05 01:44:41
>> #642388
Now THAT is what I would call the REAL act of diplomacy in action.
2010-09-10 02:26:35
>> #431843
Holy shit, watch out for that girl.
To look at those things by herself with that pose...

Also to the artist, you are epic.
2018-12-10 14:49:17
>> #2312501
Ps love the hair. And I am not sure that into blonde's but wow.
2018-12-10 14:47:26
>> #2312500
I wish the new She-ra looked this good. Or even half this good. The new show has some potential but feels like a mickey take.
2018-12-10 14:44:51
>> #2312499
She-ra was the first female transforming super hero on TV. Sailor moon was one of many transforming female heroes that followed. So sailor moon may not have existed if not for She-ra.
2016-02-21 23:00:32
>> #1903619
A crossover fanfic, more like.

Incidentally, She-Ra predates Sailor Moon by several years, so that makes sense that they'd make Usagi look like an excited little sister.
2016-01-24 07:40:40
>> #1888174
Was someone inspired by a youtube video?
2018-12-10 14:42:40
>> #2312498
By the way, NSFWskully made a MLAATR comic of Jenny finding out one of her class mate is really a futanari, and they both did a little naughty business, if you guys/girls want to see it, (and I hope this won't deleted for stupid reason that don't make sense anymore to some people) then please leave a comment to let me know.
2018-12-10 14:35:12
>> #2312497
finally maria renard breasts got bigger!

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