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2018-03-23 22:11:37
>> #2222893
No contest anon1, no contest..... Ouka in a heartbeat <3

Absolutely too irresistible in my case.
"animalistic in the sack" you say?? BRING IT ON(if she indeed does)!!! One could only hope, hahaha. Only a wolfish thing like that is right for a fellow wolf(at least heart and soul if I don't quite look it, though I try with all my might to look the part too).
2011-07-06 06:43:44
>> #799558
we need more art of ouka.....
2011-05-13 11:10:49
>> #732114
Not sure who to go for... cute, devoted, obviously wanting it so hard she's jealous of other girls little sister or sexy older woman who is surely animalistic in the sack.
2018-03-23 22:03:32
>> #2222891
Shadow of the Colossus meets Pokemon. I'd love to see that.
2018-03-23 22:01:12
>> #2222890
Love me some teacher/student
2018-03-23 21:14:13
>> #2222886
Fucking lewd kids abusing their elders
2018-03-23 22:00:45
>> #2222889
I hear ya @Izanagidonutz.
She's gotta be one of my most favorite characters ever, if not my favorite, and the lack of art of her is just a big shame. Be it innocent or non-innocent art, more artwork would be a taste of paradise.

I feel like she and/or .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet just missed/passed over a lot of people - and so people didn't get on board with the character and grant her the possible popularity. I've introduced my pack to her character/the anime since I was blessed enough to meet them, and gotten Ouka and the series a few more fans that way - but that's still just a few dozen more souls.
That and I don't think that many/most of the short anime series out there really get all that much popular attention, even if the animes or some of their characters deserve said attention.
I know this isn't so much of an action-thrilling anime(until Ouka steps up to play that is, heeheeeeee... Can't help but grin whenever she starts the beatdowns ????), but the cute-looking animation route & sweet feeling the anime gives off is more suited for such a short series as this one. They did it right I think, but maybe most people aren't into the kind of anime it is *shrugs*.

I put it in the gaming-anime category with the likes of SAO and other .hack//'s of course, but this is far better than SAO to me(and I've yet to watch the rest of the .hack//'s). .hack//LotTB is one of my fav-5 animes - for my big favoritism of Ouka in-part(and Balmung, Sanjuro, and the Silver Knight after her - all whom I found to be pretty cool guys in the time they had), but also for the storyline that I did like albeit feeling it was cruelly too short. I've always given it a 9/10 for said reason of being too short for my tastes when I wished it to go on longer.
2014-01-28 00:53:45
>> #1478013
The lack of Ouka art makes me sad.
This is a good sketch tho
Date: Mar 23, 2018User: DarthDaniel96Rating: ExplicitScore: 5(vote upUp)
2018-03-23 21:47:12
>> #2222888
The shadow make it looks like a giant toilet instead of a bath tub.
2018-03-23 21:28:11
>> #2222887
That's exactly WHY it's a good pairing, because it's emblematic of Todoroki's character development. Pre-development Todoroki would have never considered a relationship with her because it would make his dad happy. Post-development Todoroki would know that doesn't matter and he should do what he wants regardless of how his dad feels.
2017-11-26 13:20:52
>> #2187335
Top of her class, rich family, quirk with extraordinary potential? I think Endeavor would approve. In fact he might even be forceful about having Shouto marry her because eugenics, which kinda sucks for the pairing- it's great otherwise.
2017-09-14 03:37:10
>> #2166722
Your Dad won't approve Shouto. All the better!
2018-03-23 21:09:56
>> #2222885
One of the only benefits to Emerald’s Semblance being used on you.
2018-03-23 21:01:25
>> #2222884
I kinda like the idea that this is how she gives you her god pet. She just throws the black cat at your face.
2012-07-03 09:06:19
>> #1107593
clearly the best god in elona
2012-07-01 20:08:36
>> #1106374
lol, I get it, bad luck vs good luck
2009-12-28 15:08:40
>> #187423
2018-03-23 20:57:12
>> #2222882

what did he say? :o

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