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thisisjustmyalt1337 Group: Member - Total Posts: 2
ads blocking site access....
Posted on: 01/10/14 08:17AM
about a month ago you guys had ads from futanari sluts and 3D porn videos. they blocked me from clicking on images. any time i clicked something it brought me to an ad with no exit button. turning our beloved Gelbooru into nothing more than a thumbnailbooru.... the same problem persisted with the doujin even after it stopped blocking the image booru. currently, i am not seeing these ads. and no, i refuse to shut off ads. i know thats how you guys get your money to run this thing. ads do not bother me. ads that shut me out of viewing anything however..... yeah. can`t have that.

i use a 3DS so if this is not a problem reported on smart phones then its safe to say its just my own personal issue.

i can`t vote in the current poll because i want to say yes to streaming but don`t want to not be able to access the sites images or mangas. thus be forced to suffer through the indignity of using danbooru`s 2 tag only system :( ..... i like this site too much to settle for a lesser site.

the site is currently working as it always has. i`m just reporting this so you all know of the problem.

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4488
Posted on: 01/10/14 11:32AM
From what I remember when discussing it with lozer, the video streaming would be in an entirely separate section of the site. Normal Gelbooru would still be here, and it would still be the same...but there would be a new section which requires more ads than the normal section to keep running. The increased ads for video streaming would likely only show up in the video streaming section its self, not on the rest of the site.

If an ad is preventing you from using the site, then please DO disable it. It sounds like you're experiencing an issue with popunders not meshing well with your device, which means that if you disable popunders in your account settings, it should work fine in the future. You will still see the banner ads and intermission ads, which means that you'll still be helping the site out. Perhaps not as much as if you were viewing the popunders too, but we'd rather you be able to use the site.

Garrilon Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
Ads shown, no images
Posted on: 07/26/17 02:58PM
Help. For some time, I have been unable to view images in pools, only seeing the ads. I have windows 10, so I do know that *Macrohard* is really messing up things. I hope it isn't that. It started about the time when this site was set up to be viewed on mobile devices, I think... BTW, had a really hard time figuring out how to even post this. Help had no mention of how to do so. I would appreciate a heads up email telling me if there is an easy fix, because, as far as computers go, I mostly know how to really screw mine up...

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4488
Posted on: 07/26/17 03:05PM
I really doubt MS would interfere with Gelbooru. Make sure JavaScript is enabled and Gelbooru and googleapis is whitelisted

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