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secret64 Group: Member - Total Posts: 121
What's your favorite tag?
Posted on: 05/01/16 08:54PM

Mine is pussy_peek

(focusing only on the posts with this tag I find preferable...) It probably has to do with the casualness that usually goes along with pussy peeks. They're usually not intended, at least not in a sexual way, which is hot to me. I'm not that into the girl acting all sexy for the viewer. I like it when it's playful, embarrassing, just plain casual, or even unknown the the viewee. Having less than a whole pussy in view is an amplification of these attributes.

Domestic_Importer Group: Member - Total Posts: 165
Posted on: 05/01/16 09:19PM

Xalrun Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3701
Posted on: 05/01/16 09:55PM

Anti_Gendou Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 4066
Posted on: 05/02/16 02:51AM
buttjob. At least the concept. Images themselves turn up a bit of trash.

A similar tag that returns mostly good results would probably be something like thigh_sex.

[Sometimes] SWF tags of interest: comic , what , hard_translated/english , tomboy

Klamen007 Group: Member - Total Posts: 110
Posted on: 05/02/16 03:04AM
Animated, because animated pictures are the best ones.

Priss87 Group: Member - Total Posts: 38
Posted on: 05/02/16 08:35AM
wide_hips, because they generally show up with some of my favorite material.

sytalidis Group: Member - Total Posts: 153
Posted on: 05/02/16 11:09AM
Uncensored, 'cause I hate censored.

Deusexcalamus Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 1164
Posted on: 05/02/16 01:57PM
Please do not double-post.

Omni_Slayer Group: Member - Total Posts: 172
Posted on: 05/03/16 02:16AM
If lolis is too obvious then rape. I just really enjoy rape and/or loli rape pictures.

I also love anal and asphyxiation but there isn't a lot of good images for that last one.

Oddyeus Group: Member - Total Posts: 155
Posted on: 05/03/16 08:16PM
Probably between loli, BDSM, and feet.

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