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poopstick Group: Member - Total Posts: 6
Posted on: 04/02/17 03:24PM
I've been spending more and more time browsing gelbooru on my iPhone, than on desktop. I'm usually in private mode on Safari. But I can't watch webm videos on Safari. Any good suggestions?

I tried the app Anime Boxes, and linked up my gelbooru account, but I couldn't get it to show non-safe posts.

lozertuser Group: Administrator - Total Posts: 1574
Posted on: 04/02/17 03:36PM
Webm is not supported on iPhone. You'd have to use Google to find a solution to this issue.

Zizou_Olympia Group: Member - Total Posts: 18
Posted on: 04/03/17 12:48AM
Download the Google Drive app and connect a Google account (preferably one that isn't shared with anyone) and tap "Original Image" in the left bar of commands for the video while on Safari. It will allow you to download the video into Google Drive, but it might take over 10 seconds for the actual prompt to appear, so wait a bit, and then you can download and watch the video.

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