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phantazum Group: - Total Posts: 14
Posted on: 07/25/17 11:12AM
The dropdown box no longer shows your most recent or more popular tags when you click in it as it used to nor does it list those first when you start typing it in. Which was a nice quality of life sort of feature.

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4488
Posted on: 07/25/17 11:14AM

jedi1357 Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3335
Posted on: 07/25/17 01:10PM
Okay, you've piqued my curiosity. Please tell me more about this search subscription.

castorman Group: Member - Total Posts: 18
Posted on: 07/25/17 02:24PM
"option to disable auto-complete" = "disable it for everybody", or did I miss the box to unckeck in my account options ?

phantazum Group: - Total Posts: 14
Posted on: 07/26/17 04:27AM

I see. Makes sense. Looking forward to seeing their answer to it. I think the new autocomplete, should make finding a tag more possible. I look forward to seeing how they make it more intuitive.

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