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Now Viewing: Will the ''Ad Type'' option ever be re-enabled?

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Blake81 Group: Member - Total Posts: 8
Will the ''Ad Type'' option ever be re-enabled?
Posted on: 07/26/17 10:14AM
Although I usually have it active for everything, Gelbooru is one of the few exceptions I've always had to my AdBlock, and this was because it allowed me to disable the kind of Ad I despise the most; Banner Ads. I honestly do not mind pop ups or pop under, but banners that take away screen space, or in cases like on the side banner that send the Tags List down below, they've always been a big annoyance.

But now, that great option seems to have been disabled; we have that ''Due to financial reasons, this is disabled temporarily.''...

So now I ask, will the last word in that statement be true? Has it been truly disabled ''temporarily''? Will it ever come back? I am really missing it.

lozertuser Group: Administrator - Total Posts: 1578
Posted on: 07/26/17 04:56PM
Yes, it will be back hopefully by Monday. That is assuming I don't forget to update it by then. We are collecting stats for our potential direct buying advertisers.

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