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Now Viewing: What's the point of a porn site if the ads make you feel like projectile vomitting?

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FionaM Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
What's the point of a porn site if the ads make you feel like projectile vomitting?
Posted on: 10/05/17 10:49PM
Any thoughts?

Len Group: Member - Total Posts: 66
Posted on: 10/06/17 04:57AM
Welcome to porn sites, where advertisers say "Fuck you, you will run this ad with old ladies and trannies. Take it or leave it."

slayerduck Group: Project Sponsor - Total Posts: 153
Posted on: 10/06/17 05:15AM
I just go here to see people cry about ads because i find it hilarious, especially when they say their going to leave over the fact their adblocker doesn't pick up all the ads then they simply come back the next day. 10/10 non stop entertainment!

smackmybitchup Group: Member - Total Posts: 1068
Posted on: 10/06/17 12:25PM

Mderms Group: - Total Posts: 51
Posted on: 10/06/17 12:43PM
Oh look, this thread again.

*grabs popcorn*

spambot841 Group: Member - Total Posts: 4
Posted on: 10/06/17 04:53PM
The issue at the moment is that the new ads have not yet been configured to be included under the banner-ad category, meaning they're still visible even if you have banner ads turned off. Once this has been fixed things will be good again.

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