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kamoe Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Not your usual ad problem
Posted on: 10/27/17 11:40PM
I'm actually not complaining about them, in fact there's actually an issue where some of the ads (not sure which ones) are coming up with a 504 Gateway Timeout instead of displaying the ad normally. I'm not sure which ad is displaying the error since it won't even let me click on it, but it's one of the lower banner ads that appears below the page counter.

I have uBlock disabled and the rest of the site works as normal so it's not affecting my ability to browse, I just wanted to bring it up so it can get looked into since I'm not sure how that affects the site's ad revenue.

lozertuser Group: Administrator - Total Posts: 1586
Posted on: 10/28/17 01:48AM
It negatively impacts us as that is our only way of supporting the site and my lavish lifestyle of Maruchan Ramen and grape drink, and has been since the creation. Nothing we can do though, only wait it out and hope it doesn't stay broken for long. I'll try to change things so that their shit not loading doesn't break our shit. I'll eat some noodles while I wait.

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