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maslo1 Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Cool that gb is evolving and all but..
Posted on: 11/18/17 02:33AM
When you will finally move this god damn "Add to Favorites" button a little bit higher on the page? And also deviantart-style "already in your favorites" indicator from gallery view would be a bless.

Bahamut505 Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Posted on: 11/18/17 03:40AM
I would like to note that I would also love to be able to remove pictures from my favorites more easily, since whenever I want to remove something from my favorites, I press the button, and then it boots me back to the front page of my favorites.

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4534
Posted on: 11/18/17 03:40AM
An add to favorites button near the search bar on post view might happen soon.

An "already in your favorites" indicator, maybe not so much. Unfortunately the way we store favorites in the database makes that a bit difficult and resource-intensive to pull off. Hopefully we can find a way around that, but given what we'd probably need to do to make it work, features like improved pools (searching, additional pool types to facilitate parent-child functionality, etc), less dangerous aliases (currently we can't undo an alias without the risk of needing to rebuild the entire search index), and implications will probably take priority.

As for removing stuff from your favorites, the way I've always made it easier was by middle-clicking the Remove button and refreshing the page. Making it easier to do is a good idea, though. However, please be aware that all feature suggestions must be posted on the trac.

phantazum Group: - Total Posts: 14
Posted on: 11/24/17 03:20AM
I like the location of the favorites button. Its intuitive. Makes sense that you would favorite a picture after you have viewed it. I could never locate it before as i dont favorite many pictures. As long as its in a logical spot rather than in small font hidden a list.

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