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luke5135 Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
image downloading
Posted on: 11/25/17 11:34PM
So i've been trying to download images I use grabber and danbooruimagedownloader but neither of them seem to work when I tried to download with grabber I clipped on the link and it said api disabled due to abuse, but i'vew only been downloading images.

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4534
Posted on: 11/25/17 11:36PM
The API has been disabled for everyone, not just you.

luke5135 Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Posted on: 11/25/17 11:37PM
Oh okay i'm fine with that just wanted to know thank you for letting me know, once api is able to be use again i'll try downloading again. Thank you.

Moonstars Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Posted on: 11/26/17 11:10PM
Is that implicate the server is overloaded?

luke5135 Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Posted on: 11/29/17 07:55PM
this was answered on a newer forums turns out the cpu on the system running their API died or something.

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