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Now Viewing: Random off the wall scenario involving 1girl, 1boy, and stealth_sex

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secret64 Group: Member - Total Posts: 127
Random off the wall scenario involving 1girl, 1boy, and stealth_sex
Posted on: 06/20/18 07:34PM
Imagine that the boy's dick could grow arbitrarily long, retaining both the flexibility of a softie and the penetrating power of a hardon. He can also control it about as precisely as a monkey's tail. With me so far? So the boy and girl concoct a plan to stroll around in public while sexing stealthily. All they have to do is wear loose clothing and hold hands. Eh? What do you think? I feel like you could do a handful of fun things with this.

Anti_Gendou Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 4145
Posted on: 06/21/18 05:45PM
Might be the kind of topic that goes here.

Fucking through a wall and stealth sex are common, but the clocest I've seen to a supernatural use of a dick in this way would probably be Okina's "Sei So Tsui Dan Sha". But its a detachable dick, not a tentacle dick exactly. Things like portals and Yukari gaps would probably work well for that too, but it is not something artists utilize as often as you'd expect; that is legitimately shocking.

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