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Now Viewing: I think it's about time we talked about the elephant in the room.

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toozdayschild Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
I think it's about time we talked about the elephant in the room.
Posted on: 08/03/18 01:46PM
Censored images.

Far too many are going untagged and slipping through the '-censored' search.

Now, if there were any justice in the world, there would be no censored porn. Unfortunately, Japanese law mandates censorship. This means that a lot of otherwise decent fap material is brutalized and made useless with pixels, bars, blurs, and other diabolical devices of bonercide.

Now, it IS possible to search for uncensored porn on this and other sites by omitting images with the 'censored' tag, by adding '-censored' to one's search. However, this often is not enough. More often than not, a search with '-censored' included will still return dozens of images that are functionally unfappable thanks to censorship. You know the ones I mean: Pixellated pussies. Barred penetrations. dicks blurred, fornication whited-out, the very REASON the image exists being erased from our hungry eyes.

And nothing murders a good fap session faster than when such a crime against porn is brought before one's eyes.

It is for this reason I request that all images must be tagged as censored or uncensored upon upload.

Censored images tend to be either very new or very old. Most of the new ones are quickly tagged by curators, but often some will slip through the cracks. These images can languish, going for years without being tagged, squatting in the lists like landmines, waiting to detonate an innocent erection. By requiring the uploader to designate whether the image is censored or not, we will help insure that no fapper will ever have to view a pixel where a pussy should be ever again.

Secondly, I call upon all taggers, uploaders, fappers and browsers alike to register and tag such images wherever they are found.

Did you happen upon a pixeldick while searching for cum inflation? Tag it as censored.
Was there a clitoris with a black bar across it in your ahegao search? Tag it as censored.
After locking the doors and shutting the blinds before looking up lolis, did you find one with a suspicious white cloud over her vagina? If so, tag it as censored.

Gelbooru exists as a library of images, and is intended to be curated as such, with each image tagged appropriately to it's content. Why then, would we tolerate such an egregious failure of tagging, which can actively hinder one's experience on this site? Let's fix this problem, gentlemen. Let's make sure no censored image ever intrudes on a -censored search ever again.

jedi1357 Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3359
Posted on: 08/03/18 02:37PM
Tagging policies are not in our Terms of Service however we do have guidelines you can find in the help tab. These policies, as written, do not currently specify certain rules though they probably should. The biggest rule that should get the most attention is that users are required to place at least five tags on their posts not including tagme or request tags. After this there are certain tags that the staff will tell you should be on any post it applies to. This includes loli, shota, guro, yaoi, yuri etc that are commonly blacklisted. This should probably be made more plain.

The censored tag does not currently count as a mandatory tag for uploads that should have it aside from the simple idea that you should tag what you see to the best of your abilities according to the howto wikis. The reason this is not always enforced is because many users are not familiar with all the common tags Gelbooru has. I agree that more users should get involved and add tags that they see are missing, it helps the Gel community.

That said, it might be more fruitful in the time being to assume that all or most of the explicit posts on this site are censored by default and add the uncensored tag to your search to remove censored posts from your results. Feel free to go back into the rest of the listings and tag stuff when you have finished taking care of your boner.

Edit: For your convenience I have used implications to add the censored tag to 571 more posts. Our automated tagging system is limited, all other censored tags must be added manually by users.

small_dick14 Group: Member - Total Posts: 98
Posted on: 08/04/18 08:15AM
In Japan, scenes like the one in the Pokemon episode “beauty and the beach” are perfectly fine for kids to watch and yet porn is censored. I just don’t get it.

Len Group: Member - Total Posts: 69
Posted on: 08/09/18 01:34AM
The original law is from 1907, and Japan is very letter-of-the-law, hence why you can win prizes that JUST SO HAPPEN to be sought by someone right next door to the totally-not-a-gambling-joint (this is referenced in Pokemon Red with the prizes being in a different building from the casino) and get away with porn being censored. Because of Japan's value on one's reputation, no politician wants to be known as the guy who uncensored the porn.

LivingCorpse Group: Member - Total Posts: 13
Posted on: 08/14/18 08:14PM
I think the comments being a cesspool is a more pressing issue. There's plenty of pics you can find that are uncensored, there's nothing we can do to make another country (Japan) change it's laws about erotica, that's something were gonna have to wait for them to do on their own, like Austraila's stance on M rated video game. :\

Len Group: Member - Total Posts: 69
Posted on: 08/15/18 12:53AM
>Reading comments on porn sites

I do agree though, I see this faggotry too often; "Needs the black_hair tag" "Then add it" "ANONS CANT ADD TAGS ABLOOOBLOOBLOO T.T", or people talking to the images. Would help a lot on this site if proper tagging was enforced, the sheer laziness of some people astounds me.

lozertuser Group: Administrator - Total Posts: 1580
Posted on: 08/15/18 03:04PM
Read the post title and thought it was your mother you wanted to talk about. Seemed a bit odd to bring that here, and to call her an elephant. I believe it's a bit much to expect censored/uncensored to be used for images on the site, as a vast majority of our NSFW content is censored... I'd expect maybe uncensored to be used, since that isn't common in explicit images made in Japan, that were intended for distribution there...

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