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Now Viewing: Anyone else super into breast envy?

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Monkeyboy Group: Member - Total Posts: 4
Anyone else super into breast envy?
Posted on: 08/03/18 04:05PM
I feel like this is an uncommon fetish. Personally I regularly scour the site to satisfy my craving for that sweet sweet envy. I am super into humiliation, especially if the target of humiliation is powerless to change the source of the humiliation. This is especially strong with natural differences between people. I have the same thing with big and small penises. It's about 'natural superiority', having the qualities that are sexually desirable and shamelessly flaunting them, preferably in front of to those who don't. Many of you probably think it's pretty awful, and to be honest, it totally is, but I guess that's why it turns me on.

BTW, I have been working an erotic 'novel' with breast envy as the main theme. If anyone is interested I will gladly share.

mtg_wolfie Group: Member - Total Posts: 9
Posted on: 09/17/18 08:08AM
I'd gladly read that. And yeah, that's one of my fetishes :)

Super_Loli Group: Member - Total Posts: 2
Posted on: 09/19/18 07:48PM
I like it. Especially when it's an older female envying a young girl who is still growing. Sadly, there's only a handful on this site.

Cypress_Cat Group: Member - Total Posts: 13
In real life, breast/penis envy is a bit more
Posted on: 09/25/18 04:28AM
I do too, and i wish there was a cleaner male equivalent in anime. Penis envy is just to sad and pathetic.

When a girl gets breast envy, she at least gets all mad and huffy. A guy with penis envy just gets depressed.

Plus, the girl usually looks lolish or what not, and the guy could look like anything.

I wish there was a "Bara envy" thing, where a boyishly cute young man would get jealous of a muscular, tall dark hunk.

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