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Strahan Group: Member - Total Posts: 43
Pulling tag data with single API call?
Posted on: 09/02/18 03:19AM
Hi. I wrote a little command line tool that I can point at a file and it pulls tags for the image. Works fine. I wanted to expand on it so it would mark artist, series and character. I know how to do it using the s=tag, but that involves looping over the tags I get via s=post and making a call to the API for each tag. I have a MySQL database where I am caching tags and their types, but when I pull tags for a file and do not find an artist/series match I do the live API loop to check if I just don't have that particular artist cached, so for every image where artist wasn't tagged I end up looping calls.

It's fairly fast, so it's not really the end of the world I just don't want to be hammering away on your servers. Though granted, it's not like I use the tool all that often. Was just curious if the API can do something like a SQL INNER JOIN to link posts/tags in one call. Or failing that, I don't suppose you have the tag DB as a downloadable for locale caching like AniDB does with their titles DB?

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4554
Posted on: 09/02/18 09:38AM
The API doesn't use SQL.

That said, use a query like this to pull multiple tags:


This will return the tag information for "brown_eyes", "blue_eyes", and "black_eyes" in one query.

Strahan Group: Member - Total Posts: 43
Posted on: 09/05/18 11:41PM
Yea, I meant SQL as an example not that it literally was SQL :) Ahh, that's cool, that'll work just fine then. Thanks!

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