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tanaab1234567890 Group: Member - Total Posts: 31
Pixiv artists
Posted on: 09/22/18 11:11PM
Pixiv once again updated their website.
How can I look up the artists's (roman letters) names now? The "feed" link doesn't exist anymore, and nothing replaces it.
The part where the artists linked to their other websites is also gone.

jedi1357 Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 3437
Posted on: 09/23/18 01:44AM

I'm still seeing the links. This is the page for Nagishiro_mito. It's mostly a problem for new artists without tags yet. If you can't read Japanese then just link the source and use artist_request.

The gardener's guild may be able to help too...maybe.

tanaab1234567890 Group: Member - Total Posts: 31
Posted on: 09/24/18 10:20PM
I meant the link that said "" or so in the address bar when you went there. Every artist, no matter how new, had this.

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