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kukyou_kanro Group: Member - Total Posts: 147
Blacklist Oddity
Posted on: 09/24/18 08:56PM
So, I had to adjust my blacklist recently and cut it down to add something to it, because for some reason the size limit shrunk since my last time fiddling with it. Not sure why. But, that's not the issue.

..The tag I added, was bowsette. Today I also had to just, add the super_crown tag too.

Now, to check it was all working, I did a couple things, including searching both tags individually. This, is where the oddity came in. My normal index digging(at least, aided by a long string of exclusions as a 'secondary blacklist', as my default search string now) seems to work fine, no images with either tag show up. If I search just bowsette, or just super_crown, things get..odd. Originally the two tags, in their order in the blacklist, had bowsette first. The super_crown search, didn't hide any images tagged bowsette, while the bowsette search did hide anything with the super_crown tag.

..I swapped the two tags' places in the blacklist, and those results reversed. The super_crown search did hide bowsette tagged images, bowsette search did not hide super_crown tagged images.

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4560
Posted on: 09/24/18 09:01PM
This sounds like a bug. All bug reports need to be posted in the trac.

kukyou_kanro Group: Member - Total Posts: 147
Posted on: 09/24/18 09:15PM
Jerl said:
This sounds like a bug. All bug reports need to be posted in the trac.

Wasn't sure if it was a bug, or just a blacklist oddity that didn't need fixing from your guys' perspective. But I'll go add a post to the trac about it now, in that case.

Or rather, done that now, as of this post.

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