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S4x3 Group: Member - Total Posts: 1
Getting no results using anime boxes
Posted on: 09/30/18 01:44PM
Hi not sure if the this website is still supoorted but since today i have the problem that i get no results from using anime boxes:
Type: Gelbooru
User: ***
Password: ***

Then I try to search something like: *
But I get nothing: No results found

Anyone got an idea what I can do? Thx

lozertuser Group: Administrator - Total Posts: 1598
Posted on: 09/30/18 01:56PM
API is disabled while I debug some load problems.

shionsan Group: Member - Total Posts: 21
Posted on: 09/30/18 11:26PM
"A file is always only going to be one file type. Not a webm, gif, png, bmp, and a jpg please. Fix your code... You are ruining it for everyone."
API does give out the full file name including extension. The "ruining" person probably doesn't even use it (and thus not seeing the message). Like for example Imagus (chrome extension). It does try to guess file extension, making many requests with different file types as it only tries to reconstruct the direct link from page and thumbnail URLs, and they don't have any filetype info.

Redirecting 404 at "/images/*" to a script, that would take md5 out of URL and redirect to proper image path could be a fool-proof solution for all those idiots, so even if you go for "" it would still redirect to "" and stop the dumb script's guess-work. Or you could just redirect it to a big photo of an asshole with the message, so the "ruining" person, would totally see it.

But as for types I have a question: can't you stick with just one file type (jpg or jpeg) for their names?

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4560
Posted on: 09/30/18 11:34PM
No, we can't stick with just one file type, especially not jpg or jpeg. We want to host the original image file exactly as the original artist uploaded it to the internet. If the artist uploads it as a PNG, it's going to be a PNG on Gelbooru. We even use MD5 checks against the artist's original upload as a way to determine which version of a duplicate image to delete.

shionsan Group: Member - Total Posts: 21
Posted on: 09/30/18 11:56PM
Sorry, I didn't mean the image-format. I literally meant if you could stick to either JPG or JPEG in file name when you get a jpeg-image, so if someone sends you "jpeg", it would be renamed (not converted) to "jpg" or vise versa. I remember having cases where I had the same file twice with different types in my "collection". I don't remember the reason though.

And "A file is always only going to be one file type" is a tiny bit misleading here, as webm files have a preview image that is jpg at the same path. As I was using Imagus before, I had to put webm first in it's regexp so it would give me the video instead of a preview picture. All them boorus aren't exactly Imagus-friendly..

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