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Bowsette Rising
Posted on: 11/12/18 07:03PM
Around the point Bowsette hit 1000 posts I started thinking "Man, that was fast." And then she just kept on going, and I kept finding more and more characters that she was beating out. By the time she hit 3000 posts I was curious enough to put the effort in to see just how quickly she has been gaining posts relative to the rest of the character population.

> For each 500-post Cutoff point from 1000 to 3000 posts, for each character with at least that many posts, find the time difference between their first post on Gelbooru and when that nth-post was uploaded for them. Rank them and find where Bowsette sits in that ranking.

Caveats and Additional Notes:
> The list of characters that I started with was compiled via first checking the "Absolutely_Everyone" and "Everyone" tags to get a basis. I then went through a large list of Copyright Tags, sorting each search by score and going through the first two pages (the theory being that any character popular enough to compete with Bowsette would have a high-scoring post within the first two pages)
>> If I were to do it again, I might consider also running a few of the "*_Connection" tags alongside the "*Everyone" tags.
>> Even with that said, I imagine the Character List was probably comprehensive enough for the given constraints.

> nth-post was found by sorting posts by id:asc.
>> This does not take into account deleted posts: all posts have to be currently available on Gelbooru to count.

> I also did not try to parse out posts from the Gelbooru Epoch: this means that the lower Cutoffs are affected by the initial upload from Danbooru.
>> The offsetting benefit here is that the highest ranking characters from the Epoch likely had similarly explosive growth, and are at least represented: if I excluded the Epoch these characters would likely be underrepresented.
>> I will admit that parsing the Epoch and having the reverse caveat (that some characters are underrepresented as a result) would still be interesting to see.
>> The "true"/"scientific" way of conducting this research would be to get the *original* creation date of ALL posts and then work off of that (which is largely impractical).

> In the same vein as the Epoch caveat, I chose to start at 1000 instead of 500 because I figured it could cut down on the influence of image dumps. Specifically due to the Epoch I could have started at 1500 (where it would have been even less apparent), but chose to include 1000 for two reasons: 1) as mentioned in the intro, about 1000 posts was when i realized just how ridiculous Bowsette's popularity was; 2) **despite** the Epoch, as you will see, Bowsette *still* puts up a solid showing at 1000 posts (in other words, the Epoch just accentuates how quickly Bowsette reached 1000 posts).

> I did some rough spot checking, but feel free to double check my numbers.
>> Just be aware that some characters had later growth spurts that are not covered by this survey. For example, Shimakaze (Kantai Collection version) has nearly 13k post right now, but her growth rate within the first 3000 are (rounded): 1000- 137 days, 1500- 169 days, 2000- 206 days, 2500- 242 days, 3000- 303 days

> Also note that this is not strictly "Fastest Growth Rate" which would be something to the effect of "characters who grew x-posts the quickest" (so a character could have gone from Post #2010 to #2510 faster than Bowsette climbed from post #1000 to #1500). Charting that would be significantly more difficult to do from this end of the server.



1000 POSTS
1) nagato_yuki: 9:29:10
2) suzumiya_haruhi: 10:03:22
3) asahina_mikuru: 12:29:19
4) suigintou: 16:03:08
5) artoria_pendragon_(all): 16:45:28
Bowsette: 5 days, 14:04:39 (7th) <<<<<

1500 POSTS
1) nagato_yuki: 11:44:18
2) suzumiya_haruhi: 12:05:43
3) bowsette: 6 days, 15:36:58 <<<<<
4) sakura_kyouko: 46 days, 17:08:31
5) kashima_(kantai_collection): 73 days, 0:45:11

2000 POSTS
1) bowsette: 8 days, 18:14:22 <<<<<
2) sakura_kyouko: 57 days, 8:00:13
3) kashima_(kantai_collection): 97 days, 23:45:10
4) tomoe_mami: 108 days, 17:02:43
5) kyubey: 109 days, 12:02:10

2500 POSTS
1) bowsette: 13 days, 21:39:25 <<<<<
2) sakura_kyouko: 70 days, 14:00:01
3) tomoe_mami: 119 days, 17:30:31
4) kaname_madoka: 120 days, 5:30:02
5) miki_sayaka: 126 days, 1:00:30

3000 POSTS
1) bowsette: 36 days, 23:52:31 <<<<<
2) sakura_kyouko: 83 days, 22:30:11
3) kaname_madoka: 132 days, 11:33:04
4) tomoe_mami: 133 days, 13:30:03
5) miki_sayaka: 142 days, 13:00:02

Anti_Gendou Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 4150
Posted on: 11/12/18 09:12PM
Apparently all Peach needed was a shell and bigger tits...

No one blinked an eye at this image that was around since before the Bowsette thing.
post #4218992

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4560
Posted on: 11/12/18 11:37PM
So if the pattern here holds, then...

Bowsette is going to make a wish and become a magical girl?

Anti_Gendou Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 4150
Posted on: 11/13/18 12:11AM
Would Bowsette already be a magical girl by virtue of being Bowser, who is a spell user?

Jerl Group: Administrator's Pet - Total Posts: 4560
Posted on: 11/13/18 12:16AM
So what you're saying is that Bowser made a wish and became a magical girl already?

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