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Now Viewing: You have any fetish or kink that you're ashamed of having?

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I_I_I_I_I_L Group: Member - Total Posts: 6
You have any fetish or kink that you're ashamed of having?
Posted on: 11/17/18 10:02AM
Just asking.

small_dick14 Group: Member - Total Posts: 107
Posted on: 11/17/18 11:10PM
I love loli and shota hentai.
I guess that makes me a pedo.
I certainly wouldn’t tell anyone in public about it.
But I love it in my personal life.

Anti_Gendou Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 4150
Posted on: 11/18/18 12:03AM
I'm on to you FBI-kun.

small_dick14 Group: Member - Total Posts: 107
Posted on: 11/18/18 11:15AM
I was referring to hentai, which isn’t illegal where I live. Plus we don’t have an FBI lol.

Rastafoo Group: Member - Total Posts: 5
Posted on: 11/20/18 12:53AM

Cypress_Cat Group: Member - Total Posts: 14
Posted on: 11/20/18 06:55AM
all of them. :/

Omni_Slayer Group: Member - Total Posts: 176
Posted on: 11/20/18 02:10PM
Nope I'm quite proud of my fetishes. Even stuff like loli, shota, rape, impregnation, and human cattle.

DarthDaniel96 Group: Member - Total Posts: 62
Posted on: 11/20/18 03:19PM
yes yaoi i do not like that

MD_Fan Group: Member - Total Posts: 7
Posted on: 11/20/18 10:12PM
I have no shame in having a mommy kink.

lahdeedah Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 493
Posted on: 11/24/18 12:05AM
Not really. I mean I wouldn't normally try most of them out in public (except for the more acceptable cosplay or special circumstances), but I have sooo much fetish stuff in my bedroom. I made a list of fetishes that other people have that aren't illegal, doesn't gross me out, and won't injure or endanger me (but can be used as kinky decorations) and have been systematically trying them out. I'm too small for some of the stupid shit that people put down, like the horse penis dildo is the size of my torso, so I put googly eyes on it and use it as a doorstop.

I have a large kennel at the base of my bed with a smaller travel kennel on top of that and 12 plastic crates of BDSM stuff with some duplicates in different colors so that I can color coordinate my outfits and accessories. My closet and dresser are so stuffed that I have to keep some of my lingerie and outfits also stacked up in crates. In fact, I just ordered a full Shimakaze outfit half an hour ago with custom-made high heels.

So... I have spent over $25k in the past few months on trying out fetishes because I'm top tier cray cray and idgaf. As for personal fetishes... I've never needed any kind of stimulation, but I'll admit that I enjoyed the petplay the most. This is really just an expensive hobby for me. I don't feel like writing a list of everything that I have tried because the list would be wayyyy too long. I normally wouldn't bring this up, but I'm hardly here anymore and you guys can't really harass me for pictures on this site haha.

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