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Fosten12 Group: Member - Total Posts: 15
Just a little question
Posted on: 11/24/18 01:49PM
Why is the necrophilia tag not used for zombie_land_saga uploads?
Is there a reason?

lozertuser Group: Administrator - Total Posts: 1598
Posted on: 11/24/18 03:33PM
They are undead.

Fosten12 Group: Member - Total Posts: 15
Posted on: 11/24/18 05:56PM
there are undead images with the tag necrophilia.
thats why im asking.
should i retag them then?

Len Group: Member - Total Posts: 76
Posted on: 11/24/18 07:40PM
lozertuser said:
They are undead.

According to the necrophilia tag description, it can be used for undead that are obviously corpsey in appearance.

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