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Help: Cheat Sheet


tag1 tag2
Search for posts that have tag1 and tag2.
~tag1 ~tag2
Search for posts that have tag1 or tag2. (Currently does not work)
Fuzzy search for the tag night. This will return results such as night fight bright and so on according to the Levenshtein distance.
Search for posts that don't have tag1.
Search for posts with tags that starts with ta and ends with 1.
Search for posts uploaded by the user Bob.
Search for posts with the MD5 hash foo.
Search for posts whose MD5 starts with the MD5 hash foo.
Search for posts that are rated questionable.
Search for posts that are not rated questionable.
Search for posts that have 1234 as a parent (and include post 1234).
rating:questionable rating:safe
In general, combining the same metatags (the ones that have colons in them) will not work.
rating:questionable parent:100
You can combine different metatags, however.
width:>=1000 height:>1000
Find images with a width greater than or equal to 1000 and a height greater than 1000.
Find images with a score greater than or equal to 10. This value is updated once daily at 12AM CST.
Sort posts by their most recently updated order.

Other sortable types:
  • id
  • score
  • rating
  • user
  • height
  • width
  • parent
  • source
  • updated
Can be sorted by both asc or desc.