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 1girl =_= ^_^ ^o^ blonde_hair bowl braid dress eyes_closed food hat holding holding_bowl kirisame_marisa multiple_views open_mouth piyokichi short_hair short_sleeves single_braid smile touhou wild_and_horned_hermit witch_hat yellow_eyes
 >:d 2girls :d ^_^ ^o^ ascot bare_shoulders blonde_hair bow braid brown_hair detached_sleeves eyes_closed flying_sweatdrops hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu heart holding kirisame_marisa multiple_girls open_mouth piyokichi red_bow red_eyes short_hair single_braid smile touhou yellow_ascot
 >:d >:o 1girl :d :o ^_^ ^o^ ascot bare_shoulders barefoot blush book bow brown_hair detached_sleeves eyes_closed food hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu headdress holding holding_plate multiple_views open_mouth piyokichi plate red_bow red_eyes short_hair smile touhou wild_and_horned_hermit yellow_ascot
 2girls ^_^ ^o^ ascot bare_shoulders blonde_hair bow braid brown_hair chopsticks detached_sleeves dress eyes_closed hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu hat holding_chopsticks kirisame_marisa multiple_girls multiple_views piyokichi red_bow short_hair short_sleeves single_braid smile touhou witch_hat yellow_ascot
 2girls ^_^ ^o^ ascot blonde_hair bow braid brown_hair dress eyes_closed hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu hat kirisame_marisa long_sleeves multiple_girls multiple_views o_o piyokichi red_bow short_hair single_braid smile touhou translation_request witch_hat yellow_ascot
>_< 2girls ^_^ ^o^ bare_shoulders blonde_hair bow bowl braid brown_hair detached_sleeves eyes_closed food hair_between_eyes hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu holding holding_bowl kirisame_marisa multiple_girls piyokichi red_bow short_hair short_sleeves single_braid smile sparkle touhou translated
 1girl ^_^ ^o^ bandage bandaged_arm bare_shoulders bun_cover chinese_clothes cosplay detached_sleeves double_bun eyes_closed flower green_skirt hair_tubes hakurei_reimu hakurei_reimu_(cosplay) ibaraki_kasen multiple_views pink_eyes pink_hair pink_rose piyokichi rose short_hair skirt smile touhou
 1girl ^_^ ^o^ beret blush coffee commentary_request drink drinking_straw employee_uniform eyes_closed hair_between_eyes hat heart holding kantai_collection kashima_(kantai_collection) lawson short_hair short_sleeves silver_hair smile solo speech_bubble translation_request two_side_up uniform yadapot
 1girl ^_^ ^o^ ahoge blue_sailor_collar brown_gloves dated eyes_closed fish gloves heart highres kantai_collection kinugasa_(kantai_collection) long_hair morinaga_(harumori) necktie one_eye_closed pink_hair sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku short_sleeves smile solo translation_request yellow_necktie
 1boy 1girl ^_^ ^o^ admiral_(kantai_collection) ahoge black-framed_eyewear black_necktie black_pants blue_skirt brown_gloves brown_hair epaulettes eyes_closed glasses gloves kantai_collection kinugasa_(kantai_collection) koi_dance long_hair long_sleeves morinaga_(harumori) necktie pants pink_hair pleated_skirt school_uniform serafuku shirt short_hair short_sleeves skirt smile white_shirt window youtube
 2girls ;d \m/ ^_^ ^o^ animal_ears aqua_hair ass bikini blue_bikini breasts caster_(fate/extra) cellphone cleavage eyes_closed fate/grand_order fate_(series) fox_ears highres horns kiyohime_(fate/grand_order) kiyohime_(swimsuit_lancer)_(fate) long_hair mom_29_mom multiple_girls navel one_eye_closed open_mouth parasol phone pink_hair sitting smartphone smile swimsuit tamamo_no_mae_(swimsuit_lancer)_(fate) thighhighs umbrella white_legwear yellow_bikini yellow_eyes
 1girl :t ^_^ ^o^ ainu_clothes blue_eyes breasts eyes_closed folded_ponytail hair_between_eyes headband holding holding_paper kamoi_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection large_breasts long_hair multiple_views paper smile translation_request twitter_username white_hair zhi_zhi/zu_zu
10s 1girl :d ^_^ ^o^ admiral_(kantai_collection) artist_name black_sailor_collar blonde_hair blue_eyes dark_skin eyes_closed flower hair_flower hair_ornament kantai_collection long_hair minigirl multiple_views open_mouth orange_background pink_flower ro-500_(kantai_collection) sailor_collar sailor_shirt school_swimsuit shirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile swimsuit swimsuit_under_clothes taisa_(kari) translated white_hair writing
10s 1boy 1girl ^_^ ^o^ anastasia_(idolmaster) black_hair blush breasts commentary_request eyes_closed grey_hair hanrei_(dqncncilust) highres hug idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls open_mouth producer_(idolmaster_cinderella_girls_anime) russian simple_background sweatdrop teeth white_background
1boy 1girl ^_^ ^o^ alternate_costume bangs blue_eyes blue_leotard braid breast_press breasts collarbone colored_eyelashes elbow_gloves erect_nipples eyes_closed eyes_visible_through_hair girl_on_top gloves hair_over_one_eye izayoi_sakuya large_breasts leotard lips looking_at_another looking_down lube naughty_face pantyhose pink_lips shiny shiny_hair shiny_skin short_hair silver_hair smirk sweatdrop tajima_yuuki thighband_pantyhose touhou twin_braids
10s 3girls ;d ^_^ ^o^ akagi_(kantai_collection) aloe_(plant) bamboo_screen barefoot black_legwear blue_swimsuit blush bottle breast_press breast_rest breasts brown_border brown_eyes brown_hair camisole cleavage clothes_pin clothesline collarbone commentary_request eyes_closed feet feet_together feet_up flip-flops flower glass_float goggles goggles_on_head hair_between_eyes hair_ornament i-401_(kantai_collection) innertube kaga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection large_breasts leg_hug long_hair looking_at_another looking_away looking_to_the_side lotion_bottle lying morning_glory multiple_girls no_shoes nose_blush on_floor on_stomach one_eye_closed open_mouth pink_shorts ponytail purple_flower red_flower sailor_collar sailor_shirt sandals sandals_removed school_swimsuit seashell shell shijukara_(great_tit) shirt short_hair shorts side_ponytail sitting sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile soles spaghetti_strap spray_bottle standing summer swimsuit swimsuit_under_clothes tan teeth thighhighs toes traditional_media veranda watering_can wavy_mouth
10s 2girls :d =_= ^_^ ^o^ adjusting_hair alternate_hairstyle arms_up barefoot bike_shorts black_legwear blue_background blush bow brush chibi eyes_closed frown full_body green_eyes green_hair hair_down hair_ribbon hairband head_tilt hip_vent indian_style japanese_clothes kantai_collection kimono looking_at_viewer mishima_kurone multiple_girls nontraditional_miko open_mouth pleated_skirt red_bow red_skirt ribbon short_sleeves shorts_under_skirt shoukaku_(kantai_collection) simple_background sitting skirt smile spoken_squiggle spread_legs squiggle sweatdrop thighhighs translated twintails tying_hair wavy_mouth white_hair white_ribbon zettai_ryouiki zuikaku_(kantai_collection)
 1girl ^_^ ^o^ animal_ears blonde_hair blush bunny_ears clenched_hand cup eyes_closed facing_viewer flower gochuumon_wa_usagi_desu_ka? hairband highres kirima_sharo lolita_hairband missile228 solo teacup teapot teeth
1boy 1girl ^o^ barefoot belly bloodshot_eyes blush blush_stickers boku_no_hero_academia breasts breasts_apart brown_hair cleavage feet full_body garou_damenade girl_on_top looking_at_viewer medium_breasts mineta_minoru navel pervert school_uniform shell_bikini sitting smile spread_legs thumbs_up uraraka_ochako wide-eyed
 1girl ^_^ ^o^ absurdres animal_ears bell bikini blush_stickers boku_no_hero_academia bra breasts brown_hair cat_ears center_opening cleavage eyebrows eyes_closed hands highres jingle_bell leaning_forward looking_at_viewer medium_breasts navel open_mouth panties pink_lips side-tie_panties smile solo stomach string_panties swimsuit tagme teeth underwear uraraka_ochako
 ^_^ ^o^ amanda_o'neill blush book broom constanze_amalie_von_braunschbank-albrechtsberger diana_cavendish eating everyone eyes_closed food glasses grass happy highres jasminka_antonenko kagari_atsuko little_witch_academia lotte_jansson lying on_back sandwich school_uniform smile sucy_manbavaran
>:d 10s 6+girls :d ^_^ ^o^ akatsuki_(kantai_collection) akizuki_(kantai_collection) asashio_(kantai_collection) bike_shorts cnm dress eyes_closed flat_cap fubuki_(kantai_collection) greyscale hair_ribbon hairband hakama hat height_difference highres japanese_clothes kagerou_(kantai_collection) kamikaze_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection kimono kneehighs long_hair meiji_schoolgirl_uniform monochrome multiple_girls mutsuki_(kantai_collection) neckerchief open_mouth pinafore_dress pleated_skirt pointing ponytail ribbon sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shimakaze_(kantai_collection) shiratsuyu_(kantai_collection) short_hair short_ponytail skirt smile thighhighs twintails
 1girl ^_^ ^o^ animal_ears bare_shoulders black_bow blush bow common_raccoon_(kemono_friends) eyes_closed fang grey_hair hair_bow happy innertube kemono_friends multicolored_hair open_mouth raccoon_ears raccoon_tail simple_background smile solo tail two-tone_hair white_background white_hair
 1boy 1girl :d ^_^ ^o^ black_hair blank_eyes blue_eyes blue_skirt blush bow bowtie breasts brown_hair comic dress_shirt eyes_closed flying_sweatdrops hair_between_eyes hair_over_one_eye open_mouth original parted_lips pleated_skirt red_bow red_bowtie school_uniform see-through shirt short_hair short_sleeves side_ponytail skirt small_breasts smile square_mouth suzunari_shizuku translation_request upper_body wet wet_clothes white_shirt yuki_arare
 1boy 1girl :d ^_^ ^o^ black_hair blank_eyes blue_skirt blush bow bowtie brown_hair comic embarrassed eyes_closed flying_sweatdrops hair_over_one_eye hand_up motion_lines necktie open_hand open_mouth original pleated_skirt rain red_bow red_bowtie red_necktie school_uniform shirt short_hair short_sleeves side_ponytail skirt smile suzunari_shizuku towel towel_around_neck translation_request wet wet_clothes white_shirt white_towel yuki_arare
10s 1girl ^_^ ^o^ admiral_(kantai_collection) artist_name black_hair black_hakama eyes_closed hakama highres houshou_(kantai_collection) japanese_clothes kantai_collection kimono long_hair minigirl open_mouth pink_kimono ponytail seiza sitting smile solo_focus taisa_(kari) tasuki white_legwear
 1girl ^_^ ^o^ absurdres antennae arm_up ashido_mina boku_no_hero_academia breasts eyes_closed happy highres looking_at_viewer medium_breasts open_mouth pink_hair pink_skin pleated_skirt school_uniform serafuku short_hair short_sleeves simple_background skirt smile solo teeth upper_body white_background
10s 1girl ^_^ ^o^ artist_name brown_eyes brown_hair chopsticks eyes_closed food hair_between_eyes highres hiryuu_(kantai_collection) japanese_clothes kantai_collection kimono one_side_up orange_kimono rice short_hair smile solo taisa_(kari) translation_request
10s 6+girls :d ^_^ ^o^ ahoge akitsuki_ria amatsukaze_(kantai_collection) bare_shoulders beret black_dress black_hair black_legwear black_skirt blonde_hair blue_hakama brown_eyes brown_hair cake detached_sleeves double_bun dress epaulettes eyes_closed flower food glasses hair_between_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament hair_tubes hairband hakama haruna_(kantai_collection) hat headgear hiei_(kantai_collection) jacket japanese_clothes kaga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection kashima_(kantai_collection) kirishima_(kantai_collection) kongou_(kantai_collection) long_hair multiple_girls muneate nontraditional_miko open_mouth pink_flower pleated_skirt purple_eyes red_skirt ribbon-trimmed_sleeves ribbon_trim ro-500_(kantai_collection) sailor_dress school_swimsuit short_hair silver_hair skirt smile swimsuit tasuki thighhighs two_side_up white_jacket wide_sleeves windsock
 +_+ 4girls ;d ^_^ ^o^ aori_(splatoon) aqua_eyes black_background black_hair comic concert crop_top crown dark_skin domino_mask dress eyes_closed fangs fingerless_gloves gloves hair_ornament happy hime_(splatoon) hotaru_(splatoon) idol iida_(splatoon) mask midriff multiple_girls musical_note nail_polish navel one_eye_closed open_mouth pointy_ears purple_hair shorts silver_hair simple_background smile splatoon splatoon_2 symbol-shaped_pupils teeth tentacle_hair watching waving white_hair wong_ying_chee yellow_eyes zipper
10s 4girls :d ^_^ ^o^ alternate_costume black_shorts blue_eyes brown_eyes brown_hair colored_pencil_(medium) commentary_request curry drink drinking_cup eating eyes_closed food frying_pan fubuki_(kantai_collection) hatsuyuki_(kantai_collection) holding holding_food holding_plate kantai_collection kirisawa_juuzou long_hair mittens miyuki_(kantai_collection) multiple_girls open_mouth plate salad sandwich shirayuki_(kantai_collection) shirt short_hair short_ponytail short_sleeves short_twintails shorts smile tent traditional_media translation_request twintails twitter_username white_shirt
>_< 10s 1boy 1girl ^_^ ^o^ admiral_(kantai_collection) bare_shoulders black_hair black_ribbon black_serafuku blue_eyes blue_neckerchief detached_sleeves eyes_closed green_hair hair_ribbon heart holding holding_pen kantai_collection long_hair long_sleeves military military_uniform naval_uniform neckerchief open_mouth ribbon school_uniform serafuku short_hair smile suzuki_toto tanzaku translation_request twitter_username uniform yamakaze_(kantai_collection)
10s 1girl ^_^ ^o^ ahoge aqua_sailor_collar brown_hair collarbone cover cover_page eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed fang heart highres holding_doll kantai_collection kuma_(kantai_collection) long_hair masayo_(gin_no_ame) midriff navel neckerchief red_neckerchief sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku short_sleeves shorts smile solo stuffed_animal stuffed_toy teddy_bear white_shorts
10s 1boy 2girls ^_^ ^o^ admiral_(kantai_collection) comic eyes_closed greyscale hiei_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection kouji_(campus_life) long_hair long_sleeves military military_uniform monochrome multiple_girls naval_uniform neckerchief one_eye_closed ooi_(kantai_collection) open_mouth plaid plaid_skirt sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku short_hair short_sleeves skirt smile speech_bubble translation_request uniform
>:d >:o 10s 4girls :d :o ^_^ ^o^ alternate_costume apron baseball basketball black_hair blonde_hair brown_eyes commentary_request eyes_closed food fruit glasses hair_between_eyes headgear kantai_collection long_hair multiple_girls musashi_(kantai_collection) mutsu_(kantai_collection) nagato_(kantai_collection) open_mouth pointy_hair ponytail red_eyes sarashi short_hair smile sweatdrop tonari_no_kai_keruberosu twintails two_side_up watermelon white-framed_eyewear yamato_(kantai_collection)
 >o< 0_0 1girl ^_^ ^o^ bag black_hair blue_eyes blue_skirt blush bow bowtie breasts collared_shirt comic dog dress_shirt eyes_closed hair_between_eyes hands_on_own_knees leaning_forward lying nose_blush on_back original pet petting pleated_skirt red_bow red_bowtie school_uniform shirt short_hair short_sleeves shoulder_bag side_ponytail skirt small_breasts squatting suzunari_shizuku translation_request upper_body white_shirt yuki_arare
 0_0 2girls :d ^_^ ^o^ bag black_hair blue_eyes blue_skirt bow bowtie breasts collared_shirt comic dress_shirt eyes_closed eyes_visible_through_hair from_behind glasses grey_hair hair_between_eyes multiple_girls old_woman open_mouth original pleated_skirt profile red_bow red_bowtie school_uniform shirt short_hair short_sleeves shoulder_bag side_ponytail skirt small_breasts smile suzunari_shizuku translation_request white_shirt yuki_arare
0_0 1boy 1girl ^_^ ^o^ bare_shoulders baseball_cap black_legwear blush breasts cleavage comic commentary_request dragon_girl dragon_horns eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed happy hat highres horns huge_breasts kloah kobayashi-san_chi_no_maidragon long_hair long_sleeves magatsuchi_shouta open_mouth pants purple_eyes purple_hair quetzalcoatl_(maidragon) shirt shorts simple_background tank_top thighhighs twitter_username white_background wide-eyed
10s 1girl ^_^ ^o^ alcohol black_corset bow bowtie corset eyes_closed grey_hair highres holding kantai_collection long_hair long_sleeves masukuza_j no_hat no_headwear open_mouth pola_(kantai_collection) red_bow red_bowtie shirt simple_background smile solo wavy_hair white_shirt wine yellow_background
 1girl 2boys :d :o ^_^ ^o^ animal_print arms_up baseball_cap blue_sky brown_eyes brown_hair cat_print comic crosswalk eyes_closed facial_hair goatee grey_hoodie hair_ornament hairclip hand_up hat height_difference kneehighs motion_lines multiple_boys niichi_(komorebi-palette) notepad open_mouth original outdoors pinching_sleeves police police_hat police_uniform short_hair sky smile sweatdrop translation_request uniform writing yellow_hoodie
 1girl 3boys ^_^ ^o^ arm_hug baseball_cap brown_hair comic eyes_closed facial_hair furrowed_eyebrows goatee grey_hoodie hair_ornament hairclip hand_on_ear hat heart height_difference multiple_boys niichi_(komorebi-palette) original outdoors police sigh sweatdrop translation_request yellow_hoodie
 1boy 1girl 2koma ^_^ ^o^ ahoge alternate_costume black_hair blue_eyes blue_ribbon braid breasts castle_(series) casual clothes_hanger comic commentary cosplay engagement_ring eyes_closed french_braid green_necktie green_ribbon hair_ribbon highres iowa_(pacific) jewelry kantai_collection kimi_no_na_wa large_breasts long_sleeves melisaongmiqin meme miyamizu_mitsuha miyamizu_mitsuha_(cosplay) multicolored multicolored_ribbon necklace necktie open_mouth pacific red_hair ribbon ring school_uniform short_sleeves silent_comic smile star_necklace striped striped_necktie tachibana_taki tachibana_taki_(cosplay) wedding_band
 +++ 1girl :d :o ^_^ ^o^ amagiri_tsukuyo bangs black_jacket black_ribbon blush braid brown_necktie brown_ribbon closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary_request denpa_(denpae29) double-breasted doyagao expressions eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon head_tilt highres jacket laughing long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_away multiple_views necktie open_mouth original parted_lips pink_eyes ribbon shirt side_braid side_ponytail silver_hair simple_background smile smirk translation_request upper_body white_background white_shirt
10s 6+girls :< :d ^_^ ^o^ alcohol bare_shoulders beer beer_mug bismarck_(kantai_collection) black_corset black_gloves black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bottle bow braid broccoli brown_eyes brown_hair corset cover cover_page curry curry_rice dagger detached_sleeves dress drinking drooling drunk eating elbow_gloves eyes_closed fingerless_gloves food fork french_braid front-tie_top glasses gloves hair_between_eyes hair_bow hamburger hat headdress headgear heart heart-shaped_pupils highres holding holding_plate iowa_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection knife libeccio_(kantai_collection) littorio_(kantai_collection) long_hair mamiya_(kantai_collection) military military_uniform mini_hat multiple_girls nagato_(kantai_collection) open_mouth peaked_cap pince-nez plate pleated_skirt pola_(kantai_collection) ponytail red_bow red_eyes red_skirt rice roma_(kantai_collection) sailor_collar sailor_dress shirt short_hair skirt sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile symbol-shaped_pupils tonari_(ichinichime_azuma) twintails uniform weapon white_dress white_hat white_sailor_collar white_shirt wine_bottle yellow_eyes zara_(kantai_collection)
10s 2girls ^_^ ^o^ black_jacket black_legwear blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sailor_collar blush eyes_closed flower gloves hair_between_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament hat highres jacket kantai_collection long_hair long_sleeves low_twintails military military_uniform mtu_(orewamuzituda) multiple_girls open_mouth panties peaked_cap pink_flower pink_panties prinz_eugen_(kantai_collection) ro-500_(kantai_collection) sailor_collar sailor_shirt school_swimsuit shirt simple_background skirt skirt_lift sleeveless smile swimsuit tan tanline tears thighhighs twintails underwear uniform white_background white_gloves
4girls :d ^_^ ^o^ absurdres alcohol arm_at_side arm_up armpits ass back blue_eyes body_blush bottle breasts butt_crack censored character_request collarbone commentary cup demon_girl demon_horns ernie_cubrik eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed flat_chest from_behind full_moon furrowed_eyebrows green_eyes groin hair_between_eyes happy_new_year highres holding holding_cup horns huge_filesize jitome lantern large_breasts light_particles long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back making_of melaony_(matchii) moon multiple_girls navel new_year night night_sky nipples nude onigensou onsen open_mouth orange_hair original outdoors partially_submerged pointy_ears red_eyes red_hair rock sakazuki sake sake_bottle scar shiny shiny_skin short_hair sky smile soaking_feet standing star_(sky) starry_sky steam stomach swimming tree very_long_hair water
10s 3girls ^_^ ^o^ black_gloves black_hair black_skirt blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt brown_eyes brown_gloves brown_vest cup drinking drinking_glass drinking_straw elbow_gloves eyes_closed female_admiral_(kantai_collection) fur_trim gloves green_jacket grey_hair hair_between_eyes itomugi-kun jacket kantai_collection kinugasa_(kantai_collection) kunashiri_(kantai_collection) long_hair long_sleeves multicolored_hair multiple_girls necktie open_mouth orange_eyes pink_background pink_hair pleated_skirt ponytail red_ribbon ribbon sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt short_hair simple_background skirt smile teeth two_side_up white_shirt yellow_necktie
>_< 10s 4koma 6+girls ^_^ ^o^ adjusting_clothes adjusting_hat anchor_hair_ornament arm_up armlet armpits arms_up bangs bare_shoulders beret bismarck_(kantai_collection) blush book breasts buttons cannon chinese collar collarbone comic double-breasted english engrish epaulettes expressionless eyes_closed fingerless_gloves fleeing flying_sweatdrops from_side glasses gloves greyscale hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hands_on_own_head hat headgear highres holding holding_book iowa_(kantai_collection) iron_cross jitome kantai_collection kashima_(kantai_collection) katori_(kantai_collection) large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves looking_back machinery military military_uniform monochrome motion_lines multiple_girls necktie neko_(yanshoujie) nowaki_(kantai_collection) outstretched_arms peaked_cap prinz_eugen_(kantai_collection) ranguage reverse_translation rimless_glasses round_glasses running short_hair short_sleeves sleeve_cuffs sleeveless smoke sparkle speech_bubble speed_lines star star-shaped_pupils sweat symbol-shaped_pupils talking text translated traumatized turn_pale turret twintails uniform wince wing_collar wrist_cuffs
10s 2girls :d ^_^ ^o^ alternate_costume brown_eyes brown_hair crescent crescent_moon_pin eyes_closed grey_vest hair_between_eyes kantai_collection kisaragi_(kantai_collection) long_hair long_sleeves multiple_girls mutsuki_(kantai_collection) neck_ribbon ootori_(kyoya-ohtori) open_mouth red_ribbon ribbon school_uniform shirt short_hair smile teeth vest white_shirt
 :d ^_^ ^o^ arrow arrow_in_body bangs black_hair blood cape demon_archer eyes_closed fate/grand_order fate_(series) fire glowing glowing_eyes grin highres laughing long_hair long_sleeves military military_uniform open_mouth pants projected_inset smile sparrow_(xici9527) sword torn_cape uniform weapon
 >:o 2boys 6+girls :d :o ^_^ ^o^ ahoge animal animal_ears antenna_hair apple arm_up artist_logo back-to-back bag bandage bandaged_arm bangs bare_shoulders beret black_cat black_hat black_ribbon blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blue_scarf blue_shirt blush bow breasts brown_hair brown_hairband brown_pants cat cat_ears cleavage clenched_hand closed_mouth collar collarbone collared_shirt commentary_request detached_sleeves dog dog_collar drooling expressionless eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed facing_away fake_animal_ears fist_pump food fruit green_eyes green_skirt grey_cat grey_hair grin hair_between_eyes hair_intakes hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye hair_ribbon hairband halter_top halterneck hand_up hands_up hat high_collar holding holding_animal index_finger_raised juliet_sleeves lesia_hirito long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side mahcdai medium_breasts multiple_boys multiple_girls musical_note musical_note_hair_ornament o_o one_eye_closed open_mouth orange orange_eyes orange_hair original outstretched_arm pants paper_bag pink_hair pink_shirt planol_note pleated_skirt ponytail puffy_sleeves purple_bow purple_eyes purple_hair quaver red_hair red_scarf ribbon rum_ialis running scar_on_cheek scarf shiny shiny_hair shirt shopping_bag short_hair short_hair_with_long_locks short_twintails side_ponytail sidelocks simple_background skirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile straight_hair strapless striped striped_scarf sweatdrop tareme tears tress_ribbon tsurime twintails upper_body waving white_background white_ribbon white_shirt x_hair_ornament yellow_eyes zipper_pull_tab
 1girl ^_^ ^o^ bangs blue_scarf brown_hair eyes_closed face happy jacket kagari_atsuko little_witch_academia open_mouth round_teeth scarf sidelocks simple_background smile solo teeth text upper_body white_background zjz4s
 2boys 4girls :d ^_^ ^o^ ahoge annotation_request arm_belt arm_up assassin_of_black bandage bandaged_arm bangs banner bare_shoulders bell belt_buckle black_bow black_bowtie black_bra black_dress black_gloves black_hat black_legwear black_panties boots bow bowtie bra braid breasts buckle capelet character_request cleavage cloak cloud cloudy_sky commentary_request doll_joints dress elbow_gloves eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed fate/apocrypha fate/extra fate/grand_order fate_(series) frilled_dress frills fur-trimmed_capelet fur_trim gloves glowing green_bow green_bowtie green_eyes green_ribbon grey_bow groin hair_between_eyes hair_bow hair_over_shoulder hair_ribbon halter_top halterneck hand_holding hat hat_bow headpiece helmet highres holding holding_weapon jeanne_alter jeanne_alter_(santa_lily)_(fate) leonidas_(fate/grand_order) lineup long_hair looking_at_another looking_back lowleg lowleg_panties merlin_(fate/stay_night) multicolored multicolored_bow multicolored_ribbon multiple_boys multiple_girls navel nursery_rhyme_(fate/extra) one_leg_raised open_mouth orange_sky outdoors outstretched_arm panikuru_yuuto panties polearm pom_pom_(clothes) puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves ribbon robe ruler_(fate/apocrypha) running scabbard scar scar_across_eye scar_on_cheek sheath shiny shiny_hair shirt shooting_star short_dress short_hair short_sleeves silhouette silver_hair single_braid sky sleeveless sleeveless_shirt small_breasts smile spear standing star_(sky) starry_sky striped striped_bow striped_bowtie striped_ribbon sunset tattoo thighhighs underwear very_long_hair weapon white_boots white_capelet white_dress yellow_eyes
>_< 6+girls :d ^_^ ^o^ ahoge animal armor armored_dress artoria_pendragon_lancer_(fate/grand_order) bangs baseball_cap black-framed_eyewear black_bow black_gloves black_scarf blonde_hair blood blood_from_mouth blood_on_face blouse blue_jacket bow braid breasts cape capelet chibi chibi_on_head cleavage crown dog dress eating epaulettes eyes_closed fate/apocrypha fate/extra fate/grand_order fate/stay_night fate_(series) fur_trim gauntlets glasses gloves green_eyes hair_between_eyes hair_bow haori hat headpiece heroine_x heroine_x_(alter) jacket japanese_clothes jeanne_alter kimono koha-ace long_hair looking_at_viewer lying mabo-udon medium_breasts multiple_girls on_side open_mouth plaid plaid_scarf ponytail red_dress red_scarf rhongomyniad ruler_(fate/apocrypha) saber saber_alter saber_extra saber_of_red sakura_saber scarf school_uniform semi-rimless_glasses shaded_face shinsengumi short_kimono shorts sidelocks skirt smile swept_bangs sword thighhighs track_jacket under-rim_glasses weapon xo yellow_eyes
10s 1boy 1girl ^_^ ^o^ admiral_(kantai_collection) artist_name black_corset corset epaulettes eyes_closed grey_hair hat highres kantai_collection long_hair long_sleeves military military_uniform mini_hat miniskirt musical_note naval_uniform open_mouth pola_(kantai_collection) quaver red_skirt sazamiso_rx shirt skirt smile thighhighs uniform wavy_hair white_hat white_legwear white_shirt
 0_0 2girls :d ^_^ ^o^ blue_eyes blue_skirt bow bowtie bug collared_shirt comic eyes_closed hairband long_hair low-tied_long_hair motion_lines multiple_girls open_mouth original pleated_skirt purple_eyes purple_hair red_bow red_bowtie school_uniform shirt short_hair side_ponytail skirt smile suzunari_shizuku translation_request white_shirt yuki_arare
 >:< >:d >_< >o< 2girls :d ^_^ ^o^ behind_another blue_eyes blue_skirt bow bowtie closed_mouth collared_shirt comic d: d:< eyes_closed furrowed_eyebrows hairband long_hair low-tied_long_hair multiple_girls open_mouth original pleated_skirt pointing purple_eyes purple_hair red_bow red_bowtie scared school_uniform shirt short_hair side_ponytail skirt smile spider suzunari_shizuku sweatdrop thumbs_up translation_request white_shirt yuki_arare
1boy 1girl ? ^_^ ^o^ before_and_after blush blush_stickers bodysuit boku_no_hero_academia comic eyes_closed flustered freckles happy hood looking_away midoriya_izuku monochrome no_eyes salt_(sawa0609) school_uniform shy smile thought_bubble uraraka_ochako waving_arms
10s 1girl :3 :d ^_^ ^o^ animated animated_gif black_gloves black_ribbon black_serafuku blonde_hair box eyes_closed fingerless_gloves gift gift_box gloves hair_flaps hair_ornament hair_ribbon hairclip holding holding_gift kantai_collection long_hair open_mouth red_eyes remodel_(kantai_collection) ribbon scarf school_uniform serafuku short_sleeves smile solo taisa_(kari) translated white_scarf yuudachi_(kantai_collection)
 >o< 1boy 1girl :d ^_^ ^o^ black_hair blue_eyes bow bowtie breasts brown_eyes brown_hair chopsticks comic eyes_closed flying_sweatdrops food food_request giving holding_chopsticks obentou open_hand open_mouth original profile red_bow red_bowtie rice school_uniform short_hair short_sleeves side_ponytail small_breasts smile square_mouth suzunari_shizuku tako-san_wiener translation_request upper_body yuki_arare
10s 6+girls ^_^ ^o^ ahoge atago_(kantai_collection) beret blush choukai_(kantai_collection) comic double_bun eyes_closed gloves hat holding holding_microphone ikazuchi_(kantai_collection) inazuma_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection long_hair maya_(kantai_collection) microphone migu_(migmig) military military_uniform monochrome multiple_girls naka_(kantai_collection) necktie puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku short_hair short_sleeves skirt smile speech_bubble takao_(kantai_collection) teeth thighhighs translated uniform younger
 2girls ^_^ ^o^ altera_(fate) black_gloves blush bodysuit bracer breasts eyes_closed fate/grand_order fate_(series) gloves heart highres hug long_hair minamoto_no_raikou_(fate/grand_order) multiple_girls onaya_masakazu purple_hair simple_background sweatdrop veil very_long_hair white_background
10s 2girls :d ^_^ ^o^ alternate_costume arm_up bangs bare_legs barefoot basket black_hair black_skirt black_swimsuit blue_ribbon blush competition_school_swimsuit cowboy_shot cucumber dated day dripping eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed facing_viewer food fruit fubuki_(kantai_collection) green_eyes hair_tie holding holding_food holding_fruit kantai_collection leg_up looking_at_viewer low_ponytail miyuki_(kantai_collection) multiple_girls nature one-piece_swimsuit open_mouth outdoors ramune ribbon rock rope sakura_(medilore) school_swimsuit school_uniform see-through serafuku shirt short_hair short_sleeves sidelocks skirt smile standing standing_on_one_leg swimsuit swimsuit_under_clothes tareme tomato tree twitter_username wading water water_drop waterfall watermelon wet wet_clothes wet_hair wet_shirt white_shirt