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3girls 6+boys absurdres adapted_costume alternate_costume arabian_clothes armor artist_name axe blonde_hair blue_eyes bowser cape crossover dark_pit dark_skin dc9spot dinosaur dress facial_hair fire_emblem full_armor green_hair hat highres humanization kid_icarus kid_icarus_uprising king_dedede kirby kirby_(series) knight long_hair looking_at_viewer luigi mario mario_(series) mask meta_knight metroid multiple_boys multiple_girls mustache palutena parody pegasus pegasus_knight pit_(kid_icarus) princess_peach red_hair samus_aran shield smile super_mario_bros. sword toad villager_(doubutsu_no_mori) weapon wii_fit wii_fit_trainer wings yoshi  1girl absurdres adapted_costume artist_name book choker dc9spot fire_emblem green_eyes green_hair highres jewelry kid_icarus kid_icarus_uprising looking_at_viewer necklace palutena parody robe solo staff thighhighs veil  1boy absurdres adapted_costume artist_name bike_shorts black_hair dark_pit dc9spot diadem fire_emblem highres javelin kid_icarus kid_icarus_uprising parody pegasus pegasus_knight red_eyes smirk spiked_hair 1boy absurdres adapted_costume artist_name bike_shorts blue_eyes company_connection dated dc9spot diadem fire_emblem flying full_body highres kid_icarus kid_icarus_uprising male_focus nintendo open_mouth parody pegasus pegasus_knight pit_(kid_icarus) riding round_teeth serious short_hair simple_background spiked_hair teeth tunic twin_blades white_background wings  1boy absurdres artist_name blue_eyes bread commentary commentary_request dc9spot eating facepaint fire_emblem food highres hood humanization kirby kirby_(series) looking_at_viewer pentagram pink_hair pointy_ears shorts solo sword tunic weapon  1boy absurdres adapted_costume armor artist_name black_knight dc9spot face_mask fire_emblem high_collar highres humanization kirby_(series) looking_at_viewer mask meta_knight solo sword weapon yellow_eyes 1boy absurdres adapted_costume armor artist_name bandaged_fingers dc9spot fire_emblem full_body fur_trim helmet highres humanization japanese_clothes king_dedede kirby_(series) looking_at_viewer nintendo over_shoulder robe smirk solo weapon weapon_over_shoulder 1girl absurdres adapted_costume artist_name blonde_hair blue_eyes choker commentary dc9spot diadem earrings elbow_gloves fingerless_gloves fire_emblem gloves high_heels highres jewelry looking_at_viewer mario_(series) princess_peach sash side_slit smile solo staff super_mario_bros. 1boy absurdres adapted_costume bag black_eyes bracelet dagger dark_skin dc9spot fire_emblem harem_pants highres humanization jewelry mario_(series) pants parody sandals solo super_mario_bros. toad turban vest weapon 1boy absurdres adapted_costume armor artist_name axe bowser cape clenched_teeth dated dc9spot diadem fire_emblem full_body fur_trim glaring highres holding holding_axe holding_weapon horns humanization male_focus mario_(series) nintendo over_shoulder parody pelvic_curtain personification red_eyes red_hair serious short_hair solo spiked_armor spikes standing super_mario_bros. teeth thick_eyebrows weapon weapon_over_shoulder 1girl absurdres adapted_costume alternate_costume armor artist_name blonde_hair blue_eyes commentary company_connection dated dc9spot female fire_emblem full_body highres long_hair looking_at_viewer metroid nintendo no_headwear no_helmet parody pelvic_curtain polearm ponytail samus_aran serious shield sidelocks simple_background solo spear standing weapon white_background 1girl absurdres adapted_costume alternate_costume anklet armlet artist_name barefoot brown_hair capri_pants choker dancer dancing dc9spot earrings fingerless_gloves fire_emblem gloves harem_pants highres holding_legs jewelry long_hair pants parody pose sash solo white_eyes wii_fit wii_fit_trainer  1boy absurdres alternate_costume animal_ears axe bandaged_leg black_eyes brown_hair dc9spot doubutsu_no_mori empty_eyes fingerless_gloves fire_emblem gloves highres parody short_eyebrows short_hair shorts shoulder_pads smile solo villager_(doubutsu_no_mori) weapon 2boys absurdres adapted_costume alternate_costume book commentary dc9spot dinosaur facial_hair fire fire_emblem hat highres hood luigi mario mario_(series) multiple_boys mustache parody saddle super_mario_bros. yoshi 1boy androgynous bag beanie capri_pants character_sheet dc9spot english female_protagonist_(pokemon_sm) fingerless_gloves fusion gloves grey_hair hat highres long_hair male_focus male_protagonist_(pokemon_sm) master_ball older pants poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm pyukumuku shirt shopping_bag simple_background solo striped striped_shirt sunglasses ultra_ball white_background z-ring 1boy blue_eyes blue_hair character_name dated dc9spot fish_tail floating_hair highres long_hair male_focus matching_hair/eyes merman monster_boy personification pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm ponytail primarina signature simple_background smile solo starfish_hair_ornament very_long_hair white_background 1girl 2boys alternate_costume alternate_hair_color alternate_hair_length alternate_hairstyle artist_name baseball_cap black_hair blonde_hair coat comic dark_skin dark_skinned_male dc9spot empty_eyes english eyes_closed facial_hair female_protagonist_(pokemon_sm) gameplay_mechanics goatee green_hair grey_eyes hair_ornament hairclip hands_in_pockets hat hau_(pokemon) highres kukui_(pokemon) labcoat long_hair multiple_boys open_clothes open_coat pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm ponytail purple_hair shirtless signature sun_hat sunglasses sweatdrop topknot truth twintails waving 1boy 2016 2girls :d artist_name black_hair blonde_hair braiding_hair combing dark_skin dark_skinned_male dated dc9spot dress eyes_closed female_protagonist_(pokemon_sm) flying_sweatdrops food food_on_face full_body green_eyes green_hair grey_eyes hair_down hairdressing hat hau_(pokemon) indian_style lillie_(pokemon) malasada multiple_girls open_mouth pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm shirt shorts sitting smile t-shirt 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white_background wicke_(pokemon) 1boy 1girl absurdres blonde_hair brother_and_sister character_name character_sheet chimera dc9spot english fingerless_gloves gladio_(pokemon) gloves hair_over_one_eye half_gloves high_tops highres hood lillie_(pokemon) older pants partly_fingerless_gloves poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_(game) pokemon_sm shoes siblings silvally sneakers torn_clothes torn_pants upper_body white_background 1girl barefoot blonde_hair dc9spot guitar instrument long_hair miniskirt original plaid plaid_skirt pleated_skirt red_skirt signature skirt solo twintails  2boys android atom_(tetsuwan_atom) backpack bag child dc9spot detective formal gesicht hood hoodie kodansha male_focus multiple_boys pluto_(manga) rain randoseru snail squatting suit tetsuwan_atom umbrella  1boy blonde_hair blue_eyes dc9spot fingerless_gloves gloves hat link male_focus solo the_legend_of_zelda tunic upper_body v