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 /\/\/\ 2boys 3girls apron business_suit chameleon_(ryokucha_combo) comic commentary_request cup drinking_glass eyes_closed formal futaba_anzu greyscale idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls long_hair long_sleeves monochrome multiple_boys multiple_girls necktie ponytail producer_(idolmaster_cinderella_girls_anime) shaded_face short_sleeves speech_bubble suit thought_bubble translation_request  2boys absurdres close-up comic drifters formal greyscale highres horikawa_kunihiro jumping male_focus monochrome multiple_boys ringed_eyes rope shaded_face shimazu_toyohisa suit sword touken_ranbu weapon yuuma_(u-ma)  2boys comic formal greyscale monochrome multiple_boys p-head_producer reading sakaki_natsuki screentones suit 1boy 2girls barefoot black_hair black_pants blue_hair blush bow bowtie breasts cleavage dress drunk emilia_(re:zero) eye_contact eyes_closed formal hair_over_one_eye hair_ribbon headdress highres long_hair looking_at_another medium_breasts multiple_girls natsuki_subaru novel_illustration official_art ootsuka_shin'ichirou pants pink_ribbon pointy_ears purple_eyes re:zero_kara_hajimeru_isekai_seikatsu rem_(re:zero) ribbon short_hair silver_hair sweatdrop translation_request white_dress  2girls ahoge black_dress black_hair black_ribbon blue_eyes dress dutch_angle eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed floating_hair formal gothic_lolita hair_ribbon highres kikuchi_seiji kiss konoe_subaru lolita_fashion long_hair mayo_chiki! multiple_girls necktie one_side_up orange_hair ponytail red_necktie ribbon suzutsuki_kanade white_ribbon yuri  2girls bracelet buttons chloroform formal hair idolmaster idolmaster_million_live! jewelry jpeg_artifacts long momose_rio multiple_girls necklace official_art pocket purple_eyes shijou_takane sleeves_folded_up suit suit_jacket surprised  bag brown_hair cellphone coat formal idolmaster idolmaster_million_live! jpeg_artifacts kasuga_mirai momose_rio official_art orange_hair phone pink_shirt ribbon shirt side_ponytail sleeves_folded_up suit takatsuki_yayoi twintails  1girl 2016 alternate_costume ama_mitsuki arm_up armpits beret black_hair black_jacket black_scarf black_skirt blouse blue_bra bra breasts casual coat collarbone commentary dated formal full_body hat high_heels jacket kantai_collection leaning_forward lips looking_at_viewer looking_away medium_breasts miniskirt multiple_views office_lady open_blouse open_clothes parted_lips pencil_skirt red_eyes scarf short_hair skirt standing standing_on_one_leg strap_gap takao_(kantai_collection) thighs underwear undressing upper_body white_blouse winter_clothes winter_coat  2girls absurdres apron ascot blue_dress blue_eyes blush bow cup curtains dress drinking_glass drinking_straw feeding food formal frilled_apron frilled_sleeves frills grey_hair hair_bow highres holding holding_plate lace_border long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer love_live! love_live!_school_idol_festival maid_headdress multiple_girls open_mouth pancake pink_bow plate red_hair sakurauchi_riko sandwich short_hair stack_of_pancakes suit translation_request watanabe_you window wine_glass yellow_eyes yuchi_(salmon-1000)  1girl arms_up black_legwear blush breasts buttons chair formal glasses kaisen_chuui large_breasts office_lady original pantyhose pencil_skirt purple_eyes purple_hair rimless_glasses short_hair simple_background sitting skirt skirt_suit suit table white_background  1girl absurdres bangs blush breasts business_suit cleavage covered_navel fate/grand_order fate_(series) formal hair_between_eyes highres long_hair looking_to_the_side pantyhose purple_hair red_eyes scathach_(fate/grand_order) solo suit  2girls bracelet buttons card_(medium) character_name chloroform formal hair idolmaster idolmaster_million_live! jewelry jpeg_artifacts long momose_rio multiple_girls necklace official_art pocket purple_eyes shijou_takane sleeves_folded_up suit suit_jacket surprised  bag brown_hair card_(medium) cellphone character_name coat formal idolmaster idolmaster_million_live! jpeg_artifacts kasuga_mirai momose_rio official_art orange_hair phone pink_shirt ribbon shirt side_ponytail sleeves_folded_up suit takatsuki_yayoi twintails  at_gunpoint bomb brown_hair building card_(medium) character_name city detonator distress formal frills green_jacket gun idolmaster idolmaster_million_live! jacket jpeg_artifacts long_hair momose_rio official_art orange_hair shijou_takane shirt sidelocks silver_hair skyscraper sleeves_folded_up suit surprised takatsuki_yayoi twintails weapon white_shirt  >:q 1girl :q blazer blush closed_mouth collared_shirt computer_keyboard flower formal hair_flower hair_ornament highres holding holding_pen id_card jacket lavender_hair long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer monitor neck_ribbon new_game! number pink_eyes pink_ribbon revision ribbon shirt smile solo stylus suit suzukaze_aoba tazaki_hayato tongue tongue_out twintails white_background white_shirt  1boy bow bowtie brown_eyes brown_hair elysian_(granblue_fantasy) formal full_body gran_(granblue_fantasy) granblue_fantasy hair_slicked_back harp instrument male_focus minaba_hideo music official_art playing_instrument serious short_hair sitting smile solo stool transparent_background tuxedo white_bow white_bowtie  1girl blonde_hair braid crown_braid djeeta_(granblue_fantasy) dress elysian_(granblue_fantasy) formal full_body gloves granblue_fantasy halterneck harp instrument looking_at_viewer minaba_hideo music official_art short_hair single_glove smile solo white_dress white_gloves  1boy black_gloves character_request formal gloves greyscale hand_on_headwear hat highres male_focus mask monochrome nanaya_(daaijianglin) persona persona_5 solo suit top_hat upper_body  +_+ 1girl aori_(splatoon) artist_name black_hair bookmark closed_mouth domino_mask dress floral_print flower formal full_body hair_flower hair_ornament hands_together highres inkling_(language) interlocked_fingers japanese_clothes kimono long_hair looking_at_viewer mask mole mole_under_eye pointy_ears print_dress red_eyes ribbon sandals seto_(asils) signature smile solo splatoon standing tentacle_hair wide_sleeves 3girls alternate_hairstyle barber barber_chair blue_eyes brown_hair bukimi_isan comb cutting_hair dress_shirt employee_uniform flower formal frown hair_flower hair_ornament highres idolmaster idolmaster_million_live! kitazawa_shiho long_hair makabe_mizuki multiple_girls pants purple_hair scissors shirt shoes short_hair smile suou_momoko uniform vest yellow_eyes  1boy 1girl blonde_hair blush bob_cut brown_eyes brown_hair bunny_hair_ornament commentary_request formal hair_ornament highres imigimuru kono_bijutsubu_niwa_mondai_ga_aru! long_sleeves necktie red_eyes short_hair simple_background sleeveless smile suit uchimaki_subaru usami_mizuki white_background 1girl 2boys animal_ears bare_shoulders black_hair blush bol_(liliymimi) bow bowtie breasts bunny_ears bunny_girl bunny_tail bunnysuit cleavage covered_navel cowboy_shot detached_collar fate/grand_order fate_(series) formal highres huge_breasts large_breasts leotard long_hair looking_at_viewer low-tied_long_hair minamoto_no_raikou_(fate/grand_order) multiple_boys open_mouth pantyhose purple_bow purple_bowtie purple_eyes purple_hair solo solo_focus strapless strapless_leotard suit table tail thighs tongue tray very_long_hair wrist_cuffs  1girl 2boys blush dark_skin fate/apocrypha fate/grand_order fate_(series) formal fujimaru_ritsuka_(female) katana kotomine_shirou long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_boys orange_eyes orange_hair ponytail romani_akiman short_hair side_ponytail smile suit sword weapon white_hair yellow_eyes  1girl 2boys bag berserker_(fate/zero) blonde_hair blush comic couple fate/extra fate/grand_order fate_(series) father_and_daughter formal fou_(fate/grand_order) fress fujimaru_ritsuka_(male) gawain_(fate/extra) glasses hair_over_one_eye highres lancelot_(fate/grand_order) male_focus multiple_boys ni1ten_xx00 purple_hair shielder_(fate/grand_order) short_hair smile suit translation_request white_hair 2girls ahoge arm_around_neck bangs blush boutonniere bow bowtie bride carrying dress earrings elbow_gloves eyes_closed flower flower_earrings formal gloves groom hair_flower hair_ornament jewelry kougi_hiroshi long_hair love_live! love_live!_sunshine!! multiple_girls necklace open_mouth orange_hair pearl_necklace princess_carry red_hair sakurauchi_riko strapless strapless_dress suit takami_chika tears veil wedding wedding_dress white_suit wife_and_wife yellow_bow yellow_bowtie yuri  1boy animal animal_ears blonde_hair blue_background cat cat_(ghost_trick) cat_ears cat_tail couch feet_up foreshortening formal ghost_trick high_contrast jacket long_hair looking_at_viewer necktie on_couch open_clothes open_jacket pants pointy_hair red_jacket red_pants resting scarf shirt shoes simple_background sissel sitting slit_pupils smile suit suit_jacket sunglasses tail wing_collar yellow_eyes zhan  1boy 1girl akira_kira blonde_hair boots brown_boots building cat_(ghost_trick) crane crate formal full_moon ghost_trick hands_in_pockets jacket junkyard long_hair looking_to_the_side lynne meteor moon night outdoors pants ray_(ghost_trick) red_hair red_pants red_suit road_sign shoes sign sissel skyscraper standing suit sunglasses tire traffic_light white_shoes wrecking_ball yellow_jacket  1boy 2girls ;) absurdres aura baozi baseball_cap black_hair black_legwear black_necktie black_shirt blonde_hair blue_eyes blush breasts brown_hair cleavage closed_mouth dragon_girl dragon_horns eating elma_(maidragon) fafnir_(maidragon) food formal glasses hair_between_eyes hair_over_one_eye hat highres horn horns index_finger_raised kobayashi-san_chi_no_maidragon large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_back multiple_girls necktie one_eye_closed pince-nez quetzalcoatl_(maidragon) red_eyes shirt shorts sketch sleeveless sleeveless_shirt slit_pupils smile standing suit sweatdrop tank_top thighhighs uno_(union) white_shirt  2girls blush boutonniere bow bowtie brown_hair center_frills crossdressing flower formal gloves highres koizumi_hanayo lapel_pin love_live! love_live!_school_idol_project love_wing_bell merry_(168cm) multiple_girls nishikino_maki notched_lapels open_mouth purple_eyes red_hair shawl_lapels short_hair simple_background smile suit tailcoat tuxedo waistcoat white_background 1girl agahari alternate_costume animal_ears bare_shoulders blue_eyes breasts bunny_ears charlotte_e_yeager cleavage dress dress_lift female formal frilled_dress frills full_body grin large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer neck off-shoulder_dress orange_hair parted_lips pink_dress seiza sitting smile solo star strike_witches traditional_media world_witches_series  1boy blue_hair cu_chulainn_alter_(fate/grand_order) earrings fate/grand_order fate_(series) formal jewelry lancer long_hair looking_at_viewer male_focus ponytail red_eyes simple_background solo suda_ayaka suit tattoo  3boys beard book bow bowtie caster_(fate/extra_ccc) caster_of_red coffee edmond_dantes_(fate/grand_order) eyes_closed facial_hair fate/apocrypha fate/extra fate/extra_ccc fate/grand_order fate_(series) formal glasses male_focus monochrome multiple_boys smile smoking  2girls :d ahoge arm_behind_back ascot atago_(kantai_collection) black_hair blonde_hair chin_tickle comic dated eyes_closed formal frilled_sleeves frills gloves greyscale hat hat_ribbon heart image_sample jacket kantai_collection long_hair monochrome multiple_girls neck_ribbon open_mouth otoufu ribbon school_uniform serafuku skirt_suit smile suit translated ushio_(kantai_collection) artist_request brown_hair chair claude_speed flower formal grand_theft_auto grand_theft_auto_3 joey_leone mafia maria_latore rose salvatore_leone sitting suit toni_cipriani  animal_print beard camouflage_hoodie chains danganronpa denim dress-up facial_hair formal goatee highres jacket jeans jewelry khakis leopard_print letterman_jacket loafers looking looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side male_focus momota_kaito necklace new_danganronpa_v3 open open_mouth pants purple_eyes purple_hair school_uniform shirt shoes short_hair slacks slippers smile space_print spiked_hair starry_sky_print track_jacket track_pants winking  1boy black_hair black_jack_(character) black_jack_(series) blood blood_splatter cigarette doctor formal johanndro looking_at_viewer male_focus monochrome multicolored_hair necktie red_background scar short_hair simple_background smoking solo splatter suit white_hair  2boys adapted_costume alternate_hairstyle black_hair black_necktie blonde_hair formal full_body hair_tucking jewelry looking_at_viewer male_focus miwa_shirou multicolored_hair multiple_boys necktie oodenta_mitsuyo ring simple_background sohaya-no-tsurugi streaked_hair suit touken_ranbu white_background  1boy 1girl animal_ears apron banira_(ri0115ka) blush dress edmond_dantes_(fate/grand_order) fate/grand_order fate_(series) formal fujimaru_ritsuka_(female) gloves hat hat_removed headwear_removed long_hair open_mouth orange_eyes orange_hair red_hood short_hair side_ponytail simple_background smile suit wavy_hair white_hair wolf_ears yellow_eyes  1girl absurdres black_pants blonde_hair bouquet bow bowtie bridal_veil collarbone dress dress_na_boku_ga_yangoto_naki_katagata_no_kateikyoushi_sama_na_ken eyebrows_visible_through_hair flower formal grey_eyes highres holding holding_bouquet jewelry karory long_hair looking_at_viewer necklace one_knee pants petals pink_flower purple_flower red_bow red_ribbon ribbon seira_shiruwien silver_hair simple_background smile strapless strapless_dress veil very_long_hair wedding_dress white_background white_dress white_flower  1boy 1girl bare_shoulders black_hair caster caster_lily dress fate/grand_order fate_(series) formal fujimaru_ritsuka_(male) gloves hair_ornament hairband hand_on_own_face injury long_hair multiple_girls necktie open_mouth pointy_ears ponytail short_hair smile staff suit suit_jacket taichou_furyou thighhighs very_long_hair 1girl 3.14 animal_ears black_gloves black_shoes blazer blonde_hair bow bowtie character_name copyright_name ezo_red_fox_(kemono_friends) formal fox_ears fox_tail full_body game_console gloves gradient gradient_hair hair_between_eyes handheld_game_console highres jacket japari_symbol kemono_friends loafers long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer miniskirt multicolored_hair necktie pantyhose pleated_skirt shoes sitting skirt solo suit tail white_bow white_bowtie white_hair white_legwear white_skirt yellow_necktie  1girl aikatsu! blush clipboard formal glasses highres hikami_sumire long_hair looking_at_viewer office_lady pen pencil_skirt ponytail purple_eyes purple_hair sekina semi-rimless_glasses sidelocks skirt skirt_suit solo suit sweatdrop under-rim_glasses