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 2boys afro alolan_raichu black_jeans blonde_hair denji_(pokemon) electivire food jacket looking_at_viewer magmortar multiple_boys noodles nuku ooba_(pokemon) pancake pikachu pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_dppt red_hair short_hair short_sleeves spiked_hair white_background  3boys afro bag black_jeans blonde_hair chopsticks denji_(pokemon) eating food hand_on_another's_head kouki_(pokemon) multiple_boys noodles nuku ooba_(pokemon) pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_dppt ramen red_hair short_hair short_sleeves spiked_hair 1girl bikini blue_eyes bowl braid breasts chopsticks cleavage food fried_egg gloves hair_over_one_eye highres large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer navel noodles official_art sitting solo swimsuit thighhighs tokiti white_hair white_legwear wixoss  bamboo_shoot bowl food menma no_humans noodles original ramen spoon umitsuki_yu  3girls amagi_(kantai_collection) architecture bangs bent_knees black_serafuku brown_eyes brown_hair commentary crop_top dated 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