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 1girl absurdres ahoge black_skirt blue_eyes blush braid breasts floating_hair hair_ornament hair_ribbon highres kantai_collection long_hair looking_to_the_side medium_breasts neckerchief one_eye_closed open_mouth petals pleated_skirt ranf red_neckerchief red_ribbon ribbon school_uniform serafuku shigure_(kantai_collection) short_sleeves single_braid skirt smile solo teeth tress_ribbon upper_body wind  1girl ahoge black_ribbon blush dango eating fate_(series) flower food from_side hair_ribbon hakama half_updo highres japanese_clothes jpeg_artifacts kimono koha-ace petals pink_kimono ponytail red_hakama ribbon sakura_saber skewer solo toosaka_asagi wagashi  1girl :o absurdres aono_meri blush bubble_skirt fox_mask from_side full_body hata_no_kokoro highres holding holding_weapon long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side mask mask_on_head naginata open_mouth outstretched_arm petals pink_hair plaid plaid_shirt polearm red_eyes shirt skirt socks solo string touhou weapon white_background white_legwear  1girl bell bell_collar cat_tail cherry_blossoms collar commentary cyan_eyes earrings fan fang highlights iesupa inline_skates jewelry mount_fuji multicolored_hair navel neon_katt orange_hair paw_print petals roller_skates rwby short_twintails skates solo tail twintails  1girl adapted_costume alternate_eye_color backlighting bangs blonde_hair breasts building choker chromatic_aberration cleavage corset day dress elbow_gloves foreshortening frilled_choker frilled_dress frills gloves hair_between_eyes hat hat_ribbon highres iwashi_(nisankatanso) legs_crossed long_hair long_legs medium_breasts mob_cap no_shoes outdoors perspective petals pipe plant pointing puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_eyes reflection ribbon ribbon-trimmed_legwear ribbon_trim shiny shiny_hair shiny_skin short_dress short_sleeves sitting smile solo stream sunlight thighhighs thighs toe-point toes touhou very_long_hair vines water white_gloves white_legwear yakumo_yukari  1girl animal animal_on_head baron_(x5qgeh) bird bird_on_head bow cherry_blossoms eyes_closed full_body hairband hitodama katana konpaku_youmu konpaku_youmu_(ghost) mary_janes necktie on_head open_mouth petals puffy_sleeves shirt shoes short_hair short_sleeves silver_hair simple_background sitting skirt skirt_set sleeping socks solo sword touhou tree vest weapon white_background white_legwear  >:o 1girl :o ahoge armor bangs black_bow black_legwear black_scarf bow brown_eyes cherry_blossoms fate_(series) from_side hair_bow highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon japanese_armor japanese_clothes katana kimono koha-ace kote leg_up long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side obi petals pink_hair sakura_saber sash scarf short_kimono solo suishougensou sword thighhighs weapon wide_sleeves  1girl bangs black_legwear blazer blouse blurry blush breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cherry_blossoms commentary day depth_of_field eyebrows_visible_through_hair grass hands_up jacket kneehighs looking_at_viewer 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