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3girls arm_behind_head armor back banner bare_shoulders blue_eyes blue_hair breastplate breasts copyright_name elbow_gloves est fingerless_gloves fire_emblem fire_emblem_echoes:_mou_hitori_no_eiyuuou from_behind full_body gloves green_eyes green_hair hand_in_hair headband highres katua lance lantern long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts multiple_girls paola polearm red_hair scabbard scenery sheath sheathed shiimo short_hair siblings sisters standing stretch sword thighhighs weapon wind zettai_ryouiki  1girl amakusa ascot black_ascot black_bow black_hairband black_legwear black_shoes bow collared_shirt eyebrows_visible_through_hair flower frilled_skirt frills full_body green_eyes green_skirt green_vest hair_bow hairband hitodama holding holding_flower holding_sword holding_weapon katana konpaku_youmu konpaku_youmu_(ghost) limited_palette looking_at_viewer petals puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves scabbard serious sheath sheathed shirt shoes short_hair short_sleeves silver_hair simple_background skirt skirt_set solo standing sword thighhighs touhou vest weapon white_background white_shirt wing_collar  1girl :< absurdres aosora_kamiya armor bangs black_hair black_legwear borrowed_character closed_mouth floating_hair green_eyes hair_between_eyes highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon horn japanese_armor katana kusazuri long_hair looking_at_viewer low_twintails oni_horns original pauldrons pixiv_fantasia pixiv_fantasia_t sheath sheathed solo sword thighhighs twintails weapon  1girl bangs blue_legwear blue_skirt busou_shoujo_machiavellism character_name collared_shirt copyright_name frilled_skirt frills geureong_geureong green_hair highres long_hair looking_at_viewer miniskirt ms7032121 necktie pleated_skirt red_necktie sheath sheathed shirt short_sleeves skirt solo standing sword tamaba_satori thighhighs weapon yellow_eyes zettai_ryouiki  1girl 47agdragon arm_warmers armor bangs beltskirt black_legwear blush breasts cleavage demon_girl dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair greaves holding holding_sword holding_weapon katana large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer original parted_lips petticoat red_eyes sash sheath sheathed shoulder_armor single_vambrace solo standing sword thighhighs vambraces weapon white_dress white_hair wings  1girl arm_at_side arm_support bangs bare_shoulders black_bra blue_nails bra breasts brown_hair brown_kimono cleavage closed_mouth collarbone detached_sleeves dress earrings eyelashes eyes_closed fingernails flower frilled_sleeves frills geta gisuka_yan hair_bun hair_ornament hair_stick highres japanese_clothes jewelry kimono large_breasts leaf_print legs_together lips long_fingernails makeup mascara nail_polish nose off-shoulder_dress off_shoulder original parted_bangs pink_lips scabbard sheath sheathed short_kimono short_sword sitting solo sunflower sword thighhighs underwear weapon white_legwear wide_sleeves  1girl :< bare_shoulders bell busou_shoujo_machiavellism from_below hair_bell hair_ornament inaba_tsukuyo japanese_clothes katana long_hair looking_at_viewer matsukura_nemu miko orange_eyes petals purple_hair sheath sheathed solo sword thick_eyebrows twintails weapon wide_sleeves  1girl 47agdragon arm_warmers bangs bare_shoulders beltskirt blush breasts cleavage closed_mouth contrapposto cowboy_shot dual_wielding eyebrows_visible_through_hair highres looking_at_viewer medium_breasts mismatched_legwear navel original pelvic_curtain sheath sheathed short_hair_with_long_locks sidelocks simple_background single_thighhigh smile solo thigh_strap thighhighs thighs v white_background 1girl ahoge armor bare_shoulders barefoot black_panties blonde_hair blush bow breasts breasts_outside collarbone fate_(series) floral_background hair_bow highres inverted_nipples japanese_armor japanese_clothes kimono koha-ace kote large_breasts looking_at_viewer nipples no_bra noto_kurumi obi off_shoulder open_mouth panties sakura_saber sash sheath sheathed shinsengumi short_hair sitting smile sode solo suneate sword toeless_legwear toeless_socks underwear wariza weapon yellow_eyes  1girl aqua_bra aqua_panties bra braid breasts cleavage cloak disney elsa_(frozen) eyes_closed frozen_(disney) full_body hair_tubes helmet horns ice kachima lying medium_breasts on_side panties sheath sheathed signature single_braid solo sword the_elder_scrolls the_elder_scrolls_v:_skyrim underwear weapon 1girl absurdres ahoge bangs barefoot bell brown_hair closed_mouth cowboy_shot dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair fate/grand_order fate_(series) floating_hair floral_print from_behind from_side full_body gradient gradient_background hand_to_head hand_up highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon illusionk japanese_clothes jingle_bell kara_no_kyoukai katana kimono light_smile long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_back nian obi parted_bangs petals purple_eyes ryougi_shiki sash scabbard shadow sheath sheathed short_hair solo sword unsheathed weapon wide_sleeves wind 1girl ahoge armor arms_at_sides black_bow black_legwear black_scarf blonde_hair blush bow cowboy_shot fate_(series) grey_eyes hair_between_eyes hair_bow holding holding_sword holding_weapon japanese_armor japanese_clothes katana kimono koha-ace kote long_sleeves looking_at_viewer obi off_shoulder sakura_saber sash scarf sheath sheathed shinsengumi short_hair short_kimono silver_hair solo sword thighhighs weapon wide_sleeves yumaomi  >;d 5girls :d ;d adjusting_glasses ahoge arm_guards arm_up armor armored_boots armpits arms_up artist_name bangs bare_shoulders belt_buckle boots box bra breasts buckle cape chains cleavage closed_mouth coffin collar collarbone dark_skin demon_horns double-breasted elbow_gloves faux_figurine formal full_body gauntlets glasses gloves green_eyes greyscale grin hair_over_one_eye hanging_breasts headgear high_heel_boots high_heels holding holding_sword holding_weapon horns huge_weapon in_box in_container jacket jumping knee_boots knee_pads kneehighs knees_up koyorin leaning_forward leg_up legs_apart long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side mature medium_breasts miniskirt mole mole_under_eye monochrome multiple_girls off_shoulder one_eye_closed open_clothes open_mouth original outstretched_arm pantyhose pencil_skirt pleated_skirt pointy_ears ponytail profile purple_eyes red_eyes rock sheath sheathed short_sleeves sideboob simple_background sitting sketch skirt small_breasts smile spot_color standing standing_on_one_leg suit sword thigh_boots thighhighs unbuckled_belt underwear unsheathed very_long_hair weapon white_background 1girl animal_ears aqua_eyes armor astral_gazer black_hair cat_ears cat_tail floating_hair full_body hair_ribbon holding holding_sword holding_weapon hong_(white_spider) japanese_armor long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_tails ponytail ribbon sheath sheathed smile solo sword tail transparent_background very_long_hair weapon wide_stance  1girl arms_up belt black_boots black_hair blush boots braid breast_pocket commentary eyebrows_visible_through_hair girls_und_panzer highres knife long_sleeves looking_away open_mouth pepperoni_(girls_und_panzer) pocket ruka_(piyopiyopu) sheath sheathed short_hair smile solo weapon yellow_eyes 1girl :d bangs black_bow black_hairband black_ribbon blush bow cowboy_shot eyebrows_visible_through_hair flower frilled_skirt frills frown ghost green_skirt green_vest hair_bow hair_ribbon hairband highres hitodama holding holding_sword holding_weapon katana konpaku_youmu konpaku_youmu_(ghost) looking_at_viewer miniskirt omamori open_mouth petals puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves ribbon sazanami_mio scabbard sheath sheathed shirt short_hair short_sleeves silver_hair skirt skirt_set smile solo sword talisman touhou vest weapon white_shirt 1girl :d animal animal_ears bird bow commentary dated detached_sleeves dog_ears eyebrows_visible_through_hair gloves greyscale hat hawk highres inubashiri_momiji katana long_sleeves looking_at_another monochrome mushroom_(osh320) open_mouth red_eyes ribbon sheath sheathed short_hair signature smile spot_color sword tape teeth tokin_hat touhou weapon  1girl aira_(fire_emblem) armor black_hair breastplate dress fire_emblem fire_emblem:_seisen_no_keifu kuzumosu long_hair looking_at_viewer profile purple_eyes sheath sheathed simple_background solo sword weapon white_background 2girls arm_guards armor bag blue_eyes blush breasts dress earrings fingerless_gloves fire_emblem fire_emblem:_rekka_no_ken florina gloves green_eyes green_hair hand_on_hilt hands_on_own_chest hands_together height_difference jewelry katana kuzumosu lavender_hair long_hair looking_at_another looking_at_viewer lyndis_(fire_emblem) multiple_girls open_mouth ponytail sash satchel scabbard sheath sheathed small_breasts smile sword weapon 1girl 2015 arm_up armband armor artist_signature belt belt_buckle black_gloves blue_eyes bracelet bracer breasts breasts_apart brown_belt buckle cleavage curly_hair dagger eye_scar fire gloves half-closed_eye high_collar highres holding holding_weapon jewelry katarina_du_couteau league_of_legends long_hair looking_at_viewer louten medium_breasts midriff navel parted_lips red_hair scar sheath sheathed short_sleeves shoulder_armor signature smile smirk solo spiked_bracelet spikes standing tattoo underbust upper_body very_long_hair weapon weapon_on_back year 1girl arm_guards bangs black_legwear blonde_hair bow cherry_blossoms dutch_angle eyebrows_visible_through_hair fate_(series) flower hair_bow hair_flower hair_ornament haori highres holding holding_umbrella japanese_clothes katana kimono knees_up koha-ace letterboxed light_smile looking_at_viewer obi oriental_umbrella outdoors parted_lips pink_flower sakura_saber sash sheath sheathed shinsengumi short_kimono sitting sleeveless sleeveless_kimono solo sword thighhighs thighs toeless_legwear torino_akua umbrella weapon white_kimono yellow_eyes 1girl artist_name bangs bikini bikini_under_clothes black_bikini black_boots black_hair black_hat black_jacket black_shorts blue_ribbon blurry boots breasts buckle buttons cleavage closed_mouth collarbone depth_of_field dragon earrings glasses_on_head glowing glowing_earrings glowing_eye guweiz hair_ribbon hat high_heel_boots high_heels holding holding_sword holding_weapon jacket jewelry katana leaning_forward leg_belt looking_to_the_side medium_breasts midriff monster navel one_leg_raised open_clothes open_fly open_jacket open_mouth orange_eyes original pink_lips rain ribbon running scales sharp_teeth sheath sheathed short_hair short_shorts short_sleeves shorts solo stomach straw_hat swept_bangs swimsuit sword tassel teeth thigh_boots thigh_strap thighhighs unbuttoned unsheathing water watermark weapon weapon_on_back web_address white-framed_eyewear 1girl arm_behind_head arm_support arm_up armpits arms_up artist_request bangs bare_arms bare_shoulders black_legwear blue_eyes blue_hair breasts brown_gloves closed_mouth cross cross_print crown crusaders_quest dress expressionless feather_trim full_body gloves hair_tie helm helmet kneehighs knight looking_up no_shoes noel_(crusaders_quest) scabbard sheath sheathed shiny shiny_clothes shiny_hair short_hair side_slit sideboob simple_background sitting sleeveless sleeveless_dress small_breasts solo sword thighhighs twintails visor_(armor) wariza weapon weapon_on_back white_background zettai_ryouiki  1girl armor blue breastplate fingerless_gloves fire_emblem fire_emblem:_monshou_no_nazo fire_emblem_heroes gloves highres inanaki_shiki katua monochrome open_mouth polearm sheath sheathed short_hair shoulder_armor side_slit solo weapon 1girl :> ankle_boots arms_at_sides ascot black_ascot black_boots black_eyes black_footwear black_hairband blush boots breast_pocket chii-kun_(seedyoulater) clenched_hand collar collared_shirt dot_nose flat_color flower frilled_skirt frills full_body green_skirt green_vest hair_ornament hairband hitodama konpaku_youmu konpaku_youmu_(ghost) looking_away looking_to_the_side outdoors partially_colored petals pocket puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves shadow sheath sheathed shirt short_hair short_sleeves simple_background sketch skirt skirt_set smile socks solo standing sword tareme touhou vest weapon white_background white_hair white_shirt white_skin wind  1girl animal_ears architecture autumn_leaves bird black_hair dove dutch_angle east_asian_architecture expressionless facepaint floral_print flower flying fox fox_ears fox_tail fringe full_body gate geta hair_flower hair_ornament hair_ribbon highres japanese_clothes kimono kouhaku_nawa leaf long_hair maneki-neko maple_leaf miyai_haruki oriental_umbrella original pagoda pinwheel plant revision ribbon rope sash scabbard scenery sheath sheathed shide sitting sitting_on_animal solo_focus sword tail tengu-geta torii umbrella unsheathed weapon wooden_floor  1girl black_boots black_gloves black_hair black_legwear boots breasts cleavage closed_mouth copyright_request corset eyebrows_visible_through_hair fingerless_gloves frown gloves hair_between_eyes headgear kishiyo large_breasts legs_crossed long_hair military military_uniform no_panties official_art pantyhose red_eyes sheath sheathed simple_background solo standing tachi-e thigh_boots thighhighs uniform watermark white_background 1girl animal_ears blush bottomless breasts erect_nipples holding holding_sword holding_weapon inubashiri_momiji kei_kei looking_at_viewer medium_breasts off_shoulder red_eyes sash sheath sheathed silver_hair socks solo sword tail touhou weapon wet wet_clothes wet_hair white_legwear wolf_ears wolf_tail  1girl arm_guards bangs black_legwear blonde_hair bow cherry_blossoms dutch_angle eyebrows_visible_through_hair fate_(series) flower hair_bow hair_flower hair_ornament haori highres holding holding_umbrella japanese_clothes katana kimono knees_up koha-ace letterboxed light_smile looking_at_viewer obi oriental_umbrella outdoors parted_lips pink_flower sakura_saber sash sheath sheathed short_kimono sitting sleeveless sleeveless_kimono solo sword thighhighs thighs toeless_legwear torino_akua umbrella weapon white_kimono yellow_eyes 1girl animal armband armpits arms_up backpack bag black_legwear blush bracelet collarbone crying flat_chest full-face_blush gluteal_fold hair_between_eyes helmet highres imminent_rape jewelry loli long_hair lying matuken1027 monster navel nipples no_shoes nude on_back open_mouth original oversized_animal pussy red_eyes sheath sheathed silver_hair slime solo_focus spread_legs sword tears thighhighs toad_(animal) tongue tongue_out trembling uncensored weapon wide-eyed 6+girls :o amibazh animal_ears arm_up arrow bangs bare_legs beret bow_(weapon) cape dog_ears dress fine_art_parody full_body futatsuiwa_mamizou hair_ornament hair_rings hair_stick hat high_heels highres japanese_clothes jiangshi kaku_seiga kariginu kasodani_kyouko leaf leaf_on_head long_hair long_sleeves miyako_yoshika mononobe_no_futo multiple_girls ofuda parody petticoat pointy_hair quiver raccoon_ears raccoon_tail scabbard shawl sheath sheathed shirt short_dress short_hair short_sleeves skirt soga_no_tojiko star sword tail tate_eboshi ten_desires tongue tongue_out touhou toyosatomimi_no_miko vest weapon ! ... ahoge anger_vein arm_guards arm_up armor bare_shoulders belt boots butz_klauser cape carrying cecil_harvey closed_mouth cloud_strife comic cowboy_shot cravat dagger dissidia_final_fantasy embarrassed emphasis_lines expressionless face final_fantasy firio flying_sweatdrops fume fur_collar gloves head_back hug jitome knee_boots long_sleeves lot_of_star male_focus no_mouth over_shoulder pants princess_carry sheath sheathed shoulder_pads sleeveless sleeveless_turtleneck spiked_hair spoken_ellipsis squall_leonhart standing sweatdrop text turtleneck upper_body walking weapon zidane_tribal  1girl artist_name black_ribbon bubble_blowing chewing_gum choker contrapposto hair_ribbon highres japanese_clothes jewelry katana original pendant ribbon sheath sheathed shenq solo striped sword weapon white_eyes white_hair 1girl asuzemu bad_hands black_bow black_bowtie black_hairband black_ribbon black_shoes bow bowtie collared_shirt green_eyes green_skirt green_vest hair_ribbon hairband konpaku_youmu konpaku_youmu_(ghost) looking_at_viewer open_mouth petals puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves ribbon scabbard sheath sheathed shirt shoes short_hair short_sleeves silver_hair sitting skirt solo sword touhou vest weapon white_shirt  1girl asuna_(sao) bow bowtie box brown_eyes brown_hair capelet cowboy_shot dress gift gift_box hat head_tilt holding holding_box long_hair looking_at_viewer red_bow red_bowtie red_dress red_hat santa_costume santa_hat sheath sheathed solo standing sword sword_art_online transparent_background very_long_hair weapon wrist_cuffs  3girls black_gloves bow brown_hair dress fingerless_gloves full_body gloves green_bow green_hair grey_hair grey_pants hair_bow highres holding holding_knife holding_sword holding_weapon hood knife long_hair multiple_girls original pants polearm pomon_illust red_dress sheath sheathed short_dress simple_background sitting standing sword weapon white_background  1girl armor armpit_peek armpits asymmetrical_hair black_gloves black_hair blue_eyes breasts detached_sleeves fate/grand_order fate_(series) gloves katana long_hair midriff navel p!nta ponytail revealing_clothes serious sheath sheathed side_ponytail simple_background solo stomach sword tied_hair underboob ushiwakamaru_(fate/grand_order) very_long_hair weapon white_background  1boy :d armor asymmetrical_clothes bare_chest black_gloves commentary_request eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyelashes fangs gloves hair_over_shoulder hair_ribbon hair_tubes hakama hand_on_sheath hand_under_clothes highres holding_sheath japanese_armor japanese_clothes kogitsunemaru lineart long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer low-tied_long_hair male_focus obi open_mouth partly_fingerless_gloves pointy_hair pom_pom_(clothes) ribbon ribbon-trimmed_gloves ribbon-trimmed_sleeves ribbon_trim sash sheath sheathed short_eyebrows single_glove slit_pupils smile sode solo standing tachi tassel teeth thick_eyebrows toned toned_male touken_ranbu transparent_background urushibara_rikka very_long_hair wide_sleeves work_in_progress yugake 1girl alternate_color bike_shorts black_cape black_legwear black_shorts blonde_hair cape elbow_gloves full_body gloves groin highres katana looking_at_viewer luxray midriff navel open_mouth orange_gloves personification pokemon red_eyes sheath sheathed shiny_pokemon short_hair shorts solo standing sword weapon yuei_(win)  1boy belt belt_pouch black_eyes black_pants blue_sky blurry bokeh brown_eyes brown_hair cloud crystalline depth_of_field fingerless_gloves gauntlets gloves grass hand_up hero_(crystalline) highres light_rays on_shoulder one_eye_closed pango_(crystalline) pants red_scarf scarf sheath sheathed short_hair short_sleeves sky solid_circle_eyes spaulders sunbeam sunimu sunlight sword tree weapon  1girl absurdres armor armored_boots armored_dress belt blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_skirt blush boots bow buckle character_name character_sheet concept_art corset cross-laced_footwear crystalline detached_sleeves eyebrows_visible_through_hair faulds fingerless_gloves garter_straps gloves gold_trim hair_ornament hairband hand_on_own_chest high_heel_boots high_heels highres lace-up_boots leanna_dawn long_hair sheath sheathed single_fingerless_glove single_gauntlet skirt smile spaulders sunimu sword thighhighs waist_cape weapon white_armor white_background zettai_ryouiki  1girl armor armored_dress belt belt_buckle blonde_hair blue_bow blue_eyes blue_gloves blue_skirt bow buckle corset crystalline detached_sleeves eyebrows_visible_through_hair faulds fingerless_gloves flower garter_straps gloves gold_trim grass hair_ornament hairband highres leanna_dawn lying on_back open_mouth sheath sheathed single_fingerless_glove single_gauntlet skirt solo spaulders sunimu sword thighhighs weapon white_armor