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 2017 2girls akagi_(kantai_collection) animal black_legwear blue_hakama brown_eyes brown_hair colored_pencil_(medium) commentary_request dated hakama hamster izumo_(jmsdf) japanese_clothes kaga_(jmsdf) kaga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection kirisawa_juuzou long_hair multiple_girls muneate non-human_admiral_(kantai_collection) nontraditional_miko numbered ocean pointing ship side_ponytail smile tasuki thighhighs traditional_media translation_request twitter_username watercraft  2girls absurdres animal_ears backpack bag boat bucket_hat comic elbow_gloves gloves hair_between_eyes hat hat_feather highres kaban kemono_friends masakano_masaka monochrome multiple_girls open_mouth serval_(kemono_friends) serval_ears serval_print serval_tail shaded_face shirt short_hair shorts t-shirt tail translation_request watercraft wavy_hair  acasta_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) aircraft aircraft_carrier ardent_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) ark_royal_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) binoculars blonde_hair blue_eyes bow_(weapon) epaulettes flight_deck glorious_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) gneisenau_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) hair_ornament hat highres long_hair military military_uniform military_vehicle multiple_girls naval_uniform quiver red_eyes red_hair rigging scharnhorst_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) ship skirt smokestack translation_request turret uniform warship watercraft weapon white_hair y.ssanoha zhan_jian_shao_nyu  1girl arao bangs black_boots black_hair boat boots breasts building cherry_blossoms cleavage_cutout closed_mouth commentary_request day full_body gauntlets green_eyes holding holding_sword holding_weapon jacket katana layered_clothing long_hair long_skirt looking_at_viewer medium_breasts moeru!_jiten official_art outdoors pelvic_curtain short_over_long_sleeves skirt smile solo standing sword thigh_boots thighhighs underboob water watercraft weapon white_jacket white_skirt 2girls aircraft airplane arrow artist_name black_hair blue_sky bow_(weapon) day flight_deck giantess hakama_skirt hat highres houshou_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection ku1ths mountain multiple_girls ocean ponytail quiver shinkaisei-kan ship sky teeth tentacle watercraft weapon wo-class_aircraft_carrier ... 1boy 1girl aircraft blonde_hair blue_eyes british_admiral_(y.ssanoha) chinese comic hair_ornament hat highres london_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) long_hair military military_uniform military_vehicle naval_uniform outstretched_arms parody peaked_cap red_hair ship short_hair skirt smokestack spoken_ellipsis titanic translation_request turret uniform vest warship watercraft y.ssanoha zhan_jian_shao_nyu ? aircraft bonnet chinese cloud comic crossover hair_ornament highres kantai_collection military military_vehicle multiple_girls rigging ship smokestack spoken_question_mark striped translation_request turret vittorio_veneto_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) warship warspite_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) watercraft y.ssanoha zara_(kantai_collection) zhan_jian_shao_nyu  absurdres aircraft chinese comic crossover enterprise_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) hair_ornament hat highres i-168_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection lexington_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) long_hair military military_uniform multiple_boys multiple_girls naval_uniform peaked_cap pipe saratoga_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) short_hair translation_request uniform watercraft y.ssanoha yorktown_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) zhan_jian_shao_nyu  1girl blue_eyes brown_hair chinese_clothes company_name fire full_body gyakushuu_no_fantasica hat highres long_hair official_art open_mouth ryuki@maguro-ex ship sky solo sword veil watercraft weapon 2boys absurdres admiral_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) benito_mussolini blonde_hair british_admiral_(y.ssanoha) chinese comic hat highres long_hair military military_uniform military_vehicle multiple_boys multiple_girls naval_uniform nelson_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) red_hair rodney_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) ship short_hair translation_request turret uniform warship watercraft y.ssanoha yuri zhan_jian_shao_nyu 1boy admiral_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) aircraft blonde_hair bomb british_admiral_(y.ssanoha) chinese comic hat highres military military_uniform military_vehicle naval_uniform nelson_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) ship short_hair sweatdrop translation_request turret uniform warship watercraft y.ssanoha zhan_jian_shao_nyu 1boy admiral_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) ark_royal_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) blonde_hair bomb british_admiral_(y.ssanoha) carrying chinese comic hat highres military military_uniform military_vehicle naval_uniform nelson_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) piggyback rodney_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) ship short_hair shoulder_carry translation_request turret uniform warship watercraft y.ssanoha zhan_jian_shao_nyu 1girl ahoge akitsu_taira animal arms_at_sides bag barrel belt bird black_legwear blonde_hair blue_skirt blue_sky bow bowtie building bush cityscape cloud cloudy_sky commentary_request day facing_away fantasy fence flood green_skirt hairband highres horizon house izumi_luna_(akitsu_taira) leopard long_hair looking_up ocean original outdoors overgrown pantyhose plant red_bow red_bowtie road road_sign scenery see-through shadow ship shirt short_sleeves sign skirt sky smoke topknot tree vanishing_point very_long_hair walking wall water watercraft white_shirt window 1girl armor bikini_armor blue_eyes blue_hair blue_legwear breasts hair_ornament hairclip highres invisible_chair large_breasts looking_at_viewer masao navel original rapier ship simple_background sitting skindentation solo sword thighhighs thighs watercraft weapon white_background ... 1boy admiral_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) blonde_hair blue_hair bound british_admiral_(y.ssanoha) chinese comic depth_charge drooling gloves grey_hair hat highres hood hoodie maid military military_uniform military_vehicle multiple_girls naval_uniform peaked_cap renown_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) rope ship spoken_ellipsis submarine swimsuit tied_up translation_request u47_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) u505_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) u81_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) uniform union_jack warship watercraft y.ssanoha zhan_jian_shao_nyu  blonde_hair chinese cigar comic drooling epaulettes eyepatch facial_hair genderswap genderswap_(ftm) george_brydges_rodney glasses hat highres hood_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) horatio_nelson military military_uniform military_vehicle multiple_boys mustache naval_uniform nelson_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) red_hair rodney_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) royal_navy sails samuel_hood ship ship's_wheel translation_request uniform warship watercraft y.ssanoha zhan_jian_shao_nyu >:o 6+boys :d :o ^_^ ^o^ afro ahoge anger_vein angry animal_costume animal_print armor atomic_samurai bald ball_and_chain bang_(one-punch_man) bankenman bara barefoot baseball_bat beer_bottle belt black_eyes black_hair black_shirt blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush board_game boat bodysuit bottle box boy_on_top brand_name_imitation butagami can cape chains character_doll character_request charanko cherry_blossoms chibi_inset chopsticks chougoukin_kurobikari clenched_hand clenched_teeth cloak closed_mouth convenient_censoring cup curly_hair dappled_sunlight dark_skin day denim dog_costume doutei_(one-punch_man) drink dumbbell eating elbow_gloves everyone expressionless eyes_closed facial_hair facial_scar fat fire flower food food_on_face formal fubuki_(one-punch_man) full_armor full_body game_boy garou_(one-punch_man) genos glasses gloves green_eyes green_hair hair_flower hair_ornament hand_on_own_chin hand_puppet handheld_game_console headband holding holding_bottle holding_cup iaian ikemen_kamen_amaimask indian_style jacket jeans jitome king_(one-punch_man) kinzoku_bat knight kudou_kishi leaning_forward leg_up lily_pad long_sleeves looking_back looking_to_the_side lying marker multicolored_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls mumen_rider murata_yuusuke muscle mustache noodles nude old_man on_ground on_stomach one-punch_man onigiri onsoku_no_sonic open_mouth orange_juice outdoors pants paper petals picnic pinstripe_suit playing_games ponytail profile puppet puri_puri_prisoner red_gloves red_shirt rimless_glasses river saitama_(one-punch_man) sansetsukon_no_lily scar sea_king_(one-punch_man) seiza senkou_no_flash shaded_face sheath sheathed shirt short_hair shougi sign sitting sleeping smile soda_can soles spatula spiked_hair spring_(season) standing standing_on_one_leg striped suit sunlight sweatdrop sword tank_top tatsumaki teeth thick_eyebrows thinking tiger_print toes topless tree two-tone_hair upside-down water watercraft weapon weightlifting white_cape white_jacket white_pants wince wrinkles writing admiral_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) aircraft blonde_hair british_admiral_(y.ssanoha) chinese comic crown cum dress highres lion_(zhan_jian_shao_nyu) long_hair military military_vehicle missile ship translation_request union_jack warship watercraft y.ssanoha zhan_jian_shao_nyu ... admiral_(kantai_collection) aircraft chinese comic cum highres japanese_flag kantai_collection military military_vehicle missile mountain ship spoken_ellipsis taihou_(kantai_collection) translation_request warship watercraft y.ssanoha  absurdres adeleine amripo angel_wings apple bandanna black_eyes bow bowtie brown_hair cake candle candy character_request chuchu_(kirby) cloud coat coo_(kirby) cup dark_meta_knight flower food fork fruit galacta_knight gift gloves gooey hair_ribbon happy_birthday highres hill house king_dedede kirby kirby's_dream_land_2 kirby's_dream_land_3 kirby's_epic_yarn kirby_(series) kirby_64 kirby_super_star lollipop mask maxim_tomato meta_knight pink_hair plant plate polearm prince_fluff ribbon ribbon_(kirby) rick_(kirby) shield ship spear star sword teacup vines waddle_dee watercraft weapon white_gloves wings yellow_eyes  1boy 1girl blue_dress blush bow brown_eyes brown_hair dress hair_bow half_updo idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls jewelry long_hair morino_shoutarou necklace necktie one_eye_closed producer_(idolmaster_cinderella_girls_anime) ship smile tachibana_arisu watercraft 1girl bare_legs brown_eyes brown_hair cake capriccyo chibi dated food fork fruit holding holding_fork i-401_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection oversized_object plate ponytail sailor_collar sailor_shirt school_swimsuit shirt short_hair sleeveless smile solo strawberry submarine swimsuit watercraft  1girl absurdres animalization backlighting beach black_gloves boat bodysuit breasts cat cleavage collarbone couch emblem eyeliner finger_to_mouth fingerless_gloves gloves goggles greaves gun head_mounted_display highres indoors legs_crossed light_particles lipstick long_hair looking_at_viewer makeup medium_breasts nose overwatch pink_bodysuit plant ponytail purple_hair purple_legwear purple_lipstick purple_skin rifle sailboat shoreline short_sleeves shushing sitting solo_focus surging_cat tracer_(overwatch) visor watercraft weapon widowmaker_(overwatch) window yellow_eyes  1girl aoki_hagane_no_arpeggio blue_eyes blue_hair blue_skirt cowboy_shot highres long_hair military military_vehicle ocean pleated_skirt ponytail ship skirt solo sonoda_kurogome standing takao_(aoki_hagane_no_arpeggio) takao_(cruiser) union_core water watercraft  2boys bag bird boat brown_hair day earrings feather_earrings food fruit gloves green_eyes highres holding holding_fruit jewelry long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another male_focus market mikleo_(tales) multiple_boys ocean open_mouth outdoors purple_eyes qitoli seagull sorey_(tales) standing sword tales_of_(series) tales_of_zestiria watercraft weapon 1girl absurdly_long_hair ascot bare_tree black_hair black_shoes blue_sky boat cherry_blossoms city cityscape cloud daradarahundosi day detached_sleeves faceless field floating fog forest from_above giant_tree hakurei_reimu highres long_hair long_ponytail looking_down mountain nature petals red_shirt red_skirt river rope scenery shimenawa shirt shoes silhouette sitting_on_torii skirt sky sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo stream touhou tree very_long_hair watercraft white_legwear wide_sleeves 2boys admiral_suwabe animal arm_up arms_behind_back boat cat comic cosplay crossdressing crying epaulettes error_musume error_musume_(cosplay) eyepatch eyes_closed facial_hair forest g_gundam goatee greyscale gundam hat kantai_collection kei-suwabe legs_crossed low_twintails military military_hat military_uniform monochrome multiple_boys mustache nature open_mouth parody peaked_cap pleated_skirt sailor_hat school_uniform serafuku shinkaisei-kan sinking sitting skirt smile stalker_(g_gundam) streaming_tears tears thighhighs translation_request twintails uniform watercraft  blowhole blue_eyes commentary_request coral fish gradient_hair kemono_friends multicolored_hair narwhal_(kemono_friends) narwhal_tail seaweed submarine sword underwater watercraft weapon 1girl adapted_costume american_flag_bikini arm_support battleship beach bikini blonde_hair breasts flag_print food hamburger headgear iowa_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection large_breasts long_hair lying military military_vehicle namesake navel object_namesake on_side one_eye_closed ship side-tie_bikini solo swimsuit tai_(2vs) tongue tongue_out warship watercraft 1girl air_conditioner black_legwear black_ribbon blue_eyes blue_hair boat boots bow colorful crate day dress english flag flower flower_pot food foot_dangle hair_ribbon harbor highres holding house ladder landscape lifebuoy long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer noel_(sora_no_method) ocean outdoors pennant pier pink_bow pink_ribbon plant pom_pom_(clothes) popsicle potted_plant power_lines ribbon short_dress short_twintails sitting smile sora_no_method string_of_flags telephone_pole text thighhighs town twintails two_side_up utility_pole warehouse watercraft white_boots white_dress wind_chime xisheng zettai_ryouiki  1girl animal architecture arm_on_head arm_up boat bridge buttons cloud cloudy_sky collared_shirt east_asian_architecture fish foreshortening formal full_body grey_hair grey_sky hair_between_eyes knee_up lamp lamppost long_hair long_sleeves looking_to_the_side lying on_back open_mouth original outdoors outstretched_arm outstretched_leg pants rain recare red_eyes river see-through shirt sky solo suit tree upside-down very_long_hair vest watercraft wet wet_clothes wet_shirt white_shirt wing_collar 1girl bench blue_hair blush boat hand_in_hair kuusuke_(yo_suke39) long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer love_live! love_live!_sunshine!! matsuura_kanan neckerchief parted_lips ponytail purple_eyes school_uniform serafuku solo sunset tie_clip upper_body water watercraft  3girls :d ahoge airfield_hime airport black_panties covered_mouth detached_sleeves dress enemy_aircraft_(kantai_collection) gorikiri holding horn horns kantai_collection leotard long_hair looking_at_viewer machinery military military_vehicle mittens multiple_girls northern_ocean_hime open_mouth orange_eyes panties pantyshot pantyshot_(sitting) pose revision seaport_hime shinkaisei-kan ship sitting sliding smile turret underwear v warship watercraft white_dress white_hair white_skin 2girls ahoge alternate_costume architecture beize_(garbage) blonde_hair blush bulletin_board buttons calendar_(object) cellphone clock clothes_grab coat dial food gloves hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hanten_(clothes) i-58_(kantai_collection) jacket kagami_mochi kantai_collection long_hair mochi multiple_girls ocean phone pink_hair postcard red_scarf rotary_phone scarf scissors ship short_hair smartphone smile snowing stationery track_jacket train_station tree u-511_(kantai_collection) wagashi water watercraft zipper 2girls ahoge alternate_costume architecture beize_(garbage) blonde_hair blush bulletin_board buttons calendar_(object) cellphone clock clothes_grab coat dial food gloves hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hanten_(clothes) i-58_(kantai_collection) jacket kagami_mochi kantai_collection long_hair mochi multiple_girls ocean phone pink_hair postcard red_scarf rotary_phone scarf scissors ship short_hair smartphone smile snowing stationery track_jacket train_station tree u-511_(kantai_collection) wagashi water watercraft zipper  4koma boat comic commentary_request fan greyscale highres hijiri_byakuren hood kumoi_ichirin monochrome no_humans shaded_face shoujo_kitou-chuu smile tani_takeshi touhou translation_request unzan watercraft yukkuri_shiteitte_ne  4koma boat comic commentary_request hat highres hishaku hood kumoi_ichirin monochrome murasa_minamitsu neckerchief sailor_collar sailor_hat shaded_face short_sleeves shoujo_kitou-chuu tani_takeshi touhou translation_request watercraft yukkuri_shiteitte_ne 1girl :d animal arm_ribbon ascot bangs bare_shoulders bird bloomers blunt_bangs boat bow brown_eyes brown_hair cherry_blossoms chinese_lantern collarbone collared_shirt crop_top detached_sleeves dragon eastern_dragon floating forest frilled_bow frilled_skirt frills full_body gohei hair_bow hair_ornament hair_tubes hakurei_reimu highres holding lantern long_hair looking_away midair midriff moon mouth_hold nature navel night night_sky nontraditional_miko open_mouth palanquin_ship petals plate red_ribbon red_shirt red_skirt ribbon ribbon-trimmed_bloomers ribbon-trimmed_legwear ribbon-trimmed_sleeves ribbon_trim rope sandals shimenawa shirt sidelocks skirt skirt_set sky sleeveless sleeveless_shirt smile solo star_(sky) starry_sky tassel thighhighs torii touhou tree underwear watercraft white_legwear wide_sleeves william_sion yellow_ascot  6+boys 6+girls arm_support black_hair blonde_hair blurry boat bridge brown_hair child city crossed_arms dusk eyes_closed gondola green_eyes ground_vehicle hat hermes highres kino kino_no_tabi lantern long_hair looking_back mare_(pixiv) mother_and_daughter motor_vehicle motorcycle multiple_boys multiple_girls old_man plant pouch railing river running scenery sign sitting smile star star_(sky) suspenders vines water watercraft waving window 1girl absurdres albino bangs bare_shoulders black_choker black_legwear black_shirt blunt_bangs boots breasts cannon center_frills choker closed_mouth collarbone cruiser cup detached_sleeves dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair flower frilled_choker frills full_body grey_background hair_flower hair_ornament head_tilt headgear highres holding holding_cup knee_boots long_sleeves looking_at_viewer machinery medium_breasts military military_vehicle minotaur_(cruiser) pantyhose red_eyes red_rose rose ship shirt silhouette simple_background sleeveless smile solo teacup turret warship watercraft white_boots white_hair world_of_warships /\/\/\ 1girl 4koma boat comic commentary_request eyes_closed hands hat highres hishaku honest_axe hood kumoi_ichirin ladle murasa_minamitsu neckerchief parody sailor_collar sailor_hat shaded_face short_sleeves skirt tani_takeshi terminator_2:_judgement_day throwing touhou translation_request water watercraft yukkuri_shiteitte_ne  4koma ? boat comic commentary_request hand_to_forehead hands highres hood kumoi_ichirin searching tani_takeshi touhou translation_request water watercraft yukkuri_shiteitte_ne