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avatarBeowulfNanadaba >> #1270184
Posted on 2013-02-21 22:25:34 (Report as spam) Score: 5 (Vote Up)
O.O Far left girl has two left hands

avatarAnonymous >> #1270205
Posted on 2013-02-21 22:58:37 (Report as spam) Score: 17 (Vote Up)
That left hand actually belongs to second left girl. (it would at least have to be as tanned as her legs).

avatarAnonymous >> #1270221
Posted on 2013-02-21 23:40:50 (Report as spam) Score: 5 (Vote Up)
or she has no hands. I think that's the left hand of the second girl on the left.

avatarAnonymous >> #1270279
Posted on 2013-02-22 02:20:47 (Report as spam) Score: 4 (Vote Up)
Therein lies a tail.

avatarAnonymous >> #1272145
Posted on 2013-02-25 08:01:33 (Report as spam) Score: 6 (Vote Up)
wrong hole 4 a tail

avatarAnonymous >> #1274657
Posted on 2013-03-01 12:49:58 (Report as spam) Score: 2 (Vote Up)
Hand definately belongs to the 2nd girl on the left. You can tell by the thumb since its her left had and the tan.

Also, yes, that tail is in the wrong hole. It'd have to be higher up.

avatarAnonymous >> #1284601
Posted on 2013-03-17 04:03:19 (Report as spam) Score: 11 (Vote Up)
Or maybe, just maybe, she put that tail there as a not so subtle hint that she wants to get fucked in the ass.

avatarAnonymous >> #2255215
Posted on 2018-07-03 14:25:09 (Report as spam) Score: 1 (Vote Up)
It's her hole, and her tail. No matter which hole she puts the tail in, it's obviously the correct hole. Seriously, would you look at a girl doing this and explain to her that she put her tail in the wrong hole?