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00s 1boy animated animated_gif anus ass ass_shake bent_over beyblade blonde_hair blush boku-tachi_no_sei_kurabe censored ekikon_kenkyuukai from_behind green_eyes looking_at_viewer looking_back male_focus penis shiny shiny_skin shota solo tendo_yuu testicles twitching_anus wet

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avatarAnonymous >> #1857301
Posted on 2015-11-30 00:12:54 (Report as spam) Score: 28 (Vote Up)
I'd love to shove my dick in that little butthole of his..

avatarkermitism >> #2068796
Posted on 2016-12-22 01:06:38 (Report as spam) Score: 1 (Vote Up)
Judging by the way he's presenting and wiggling his hips, I think he'd love it too.