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6+girls absurdres artist_name artoria_pendragon_(all) august_ice bare_shoulders black_dress blonde_hair blue_dress blue_eyes braid breasts chains character_request choker cleavage detached_sleeves dress elbow_gloves fate/grand_order fate_(series) gloves green_eyes hair_ornament hair_ribbon hand_holding hand_on_own_chest highres japanese_clothes jeanne_d'arc_(alter)_(fate) jeanne_d'arc_(fate) jeanne_d'arc_(fate)_(all) large_breasts lips long_hair long_image mordred_(fate) mordred_(fate)_(all) multiple_girls navel nero_claudius_(fate) nero_claudius_(fate)_(all) okita_souji_(fate) okita_souji_(fate)_(all) petals pink_hair red_dress ribbon ribbon_choker saber saber_alter saber_lily strapless strapless_dress very_long_hair white_dress white_hair wide_image yellow_eyes

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that's a lot of saberface