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Ticket Information - ID: #834

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0000834Feature RequestnormalN/A04/15/16 03:05PM
Assigned to:geltas
View StatusPublic
Target Version:N/A
Summary:highlight large image files in gallery view
Description:Currently, videos are given a blue highlight in the gallery view. This is helpful: I don't often want to open videos (they take a while to load on my connection) but I do still want to see the thumbnail instead of just filtering them out entirely, because sometimes the thumbnail is intriguing enough to make me be willing to click through and wait.

It would be helpful if this were applied to other files that would take a long time to download.

Some files are almost always huge: animated gifs, for example. I could see those being given a blue highlight just like the videos, since the semantics are the same (you have no option but to download the whole thing upon clicking.)

Plain image files get preview images generated, but many people have Resize Images turned on, skipping this optimization. This works alright for most files, but there are many "absurdres" pics where it's a sudden disaster. Just like the videos and gifs, it'd be good to give these images a highlight color in the gallery view, if only when the user has Resize Images turned on—to know that clicking through will consume a lot of bandwidth, and make their browser suddenly lag-spike under multiple-tab usage. (Rather than relying on the "absurdres" tag, or even the resolution, I imagine this would be best accomplished by just looking at the image file's actual size in bytes and highlighting anything above a certain threshold.)
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