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Tag type: General

A facial expression that denotes displeasure/dissatisfaction, or that one is greatly annoyed or grumpiness.

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Last updated: 02/23/13 5:38 AM by Novea
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 >:( 1girl @_@ ahoge anger_vein angry artist_name blush breasts cleavage collarbone contrapposto covering covering_breasts cowboy_shot fate/apocrypha fate_(series) full-face_blush highres holding_towel jeanne_d'arc_(alter)_(fate) jeanne_d'arc_(fate)_(all) large_breasts looking_at_viewer nude nude_cover onsen outdoors pale_skin rock short_hair silver_hair solo standing steam tearing_up tears thighs tsurime wading water water_drop wavy_hair wavy_mouth wet wet_hair wet_towel yellow_eyes z.m._(school913102)  >:( 1boy 1girl :o absurdres animal_ears blonde_hair blue_hair blush breasts center_opening china_dress chinese_clothes cleavage cowboy_shot crossed_arms darling_in_the_franxx dress fake_animal_ears fake_tail fox_ears fox_tail glasses gorou_(darling_in_the_franxx) green_eyes half-closed_eyes highres ichigo_(darling_in_the_franxx) looking_at_viewer panties panty_peek pelvic_curtain red_background red_dress short_hair short_sleeves side-tie_panties simple_background small_breasts tail text underwear  >:( 1girl alice_margatroid apron black_dress black_footwear black_legwear blonde_hair blue_dress blue_eyes blush book bow breasts capelet commentary_request dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair frills full_body hair_between_eyes hair_bow hairband hand_up holding holding_book holding_weapon jewelry lance long_hair long_sleeves mary_janes medium_breasts nirap open_mouth parted_lips polearm red_bow red_hairband red_neckwear red_sash red_wristband ring shanghai_doll shoes short_hair simple_background smile thighhighs touhou v v-shaped_eyebrows waist_apron weapon white_background white_capelet wristband zettai_ryouiki  >:( 1girl bangs bath_stool blue_eyes blue_hair blue_sky blush convenient_censoring day eyebrows_visible_through_hair feet_out_of_frame flat_chest from_side gobanme_no_mayoi_neko highres holding horizon looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side nude ocean ryuuou_no_oshigoto! shiny shiny_skin short_hair shower_head sky soap_bubbles soap_censor solo sora_ginko stool sweatdrop v-shaped_eyebrows water  >:( 1girl armor black_shirt blush breastplate closed_mouth eyebrows_visible_through_hair flight_deck gradient gradient_background green_background green_eyes green_hair hair_between_eyes headband highlights kantai_collection long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair rigging serious shirt sidelocks solo straight_hair tassel tears tr-6 upper_body v-shaped_eyebrows zuikaku_(kantai_collection) >:( 1girl alternate_costume armpits arms_behind_head belt between_breasts blonde_hair breasts chains cleavage closed_mouth collar cowboy_shot dated elbow_gloves eyebrows_visible_through_hair fate/apocrypha fate_(series) frown garter_belt gloves headpiece jeanne_alter jeanne_d'arc_(alter)_(fate) jeanne_d'arc_(fate)_(all) kasugano_tobari large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer navel purple_background purple_gloves purple_legwear purple_swimsuit ribs ruler_(fate/apocrypha) signature slingshot_swimsuit solo standing stomach straight_hair sweat swimsuit tan tanline thighhighs very_long_hair

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