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A multimedia music comedy project created by Kimino_Sakurako, Sunrise, Dengeki G Magazine, and the music label Lantis. It began in 2010 in Dengeki G as a series of short stories written by Sakurako. Character designs were handled by Murota_Yuuhei. The series grew to become one of the most popular idol singer franchises of the 2010s, earning over 8 billion yen in 2016 alone!

Like Sakurako's previous work, Strawberry Panic! reader participation plays a large role in the project. Readers of the magazine voted to determine the position of the girls on the animated music videos created by Sunrise, their costumes, and ultimately the name of the idol group the girls form. Like Strawberry Panic!, there are no major male characters in the series and almost no male extras. The lack of males is kept intact by the video game adaptation of the series where the unseen protagonist is female. Although the series is not a yuri romance like Strawberry Panic, there is plenty of homoerotic subtext between the characters.

In 2012, a manga adaptation written by Kimino and drawn by Tokita_Arumi was created and an anime adaptation by Sunrise aired from January 6, 2013 to March 31, 2013. The second season began airing on April 6, 2014. The anime is directed by Kyougoku Takahiro and written by Hanada Jukki. The anime adaptation alters some of the character personalities and backstories that were shown in the music videos and other media. A feature length anime film that continues from where the second season left off was released in 2015. It has also been adapted into a mobile phone rhythm game.

Kousaka Honoka is a cheerful teen girl with a lot of school spirit. She loves her high school Otonokizaka Academy, which her mother and her grandmother attended. Unfortunately, the school has been suffering from dwindling applicants and after the first year students graduate, the school will close down. Honoka does not want to see Otonokizaka disappear but she's at a loss on how to save it.

One day, she discovers a brochure advertising a very elaborate and fancy school named UT-X which is currently the most popular school in Japan. Honoka pays the school a visit and discovers that the school has a special school idol group called A-Rise who are idol singers and students at the school. Honoka is amazed at their performance and is inspired to form a school idol group for Otonokizaka believing that this has the best chance to save their school. Honoka decides to form an idol group with her friends Minami Kotori and Sonoda Umi and sets out to practice idol singing and gather more members into the idol group that would be known as μ's (pronounced muse).

The animation combines hand drawn and CG work. Dancing sequences often alternate between the two of them depending on the shot. The voice actresses have also released singles as their characters. The anime's story strongly emphasizes friendship and teamwork as the girls often work to both become great school idols and solve each others' personal struggles.

2016 served as the finale for the the original Love Live group, muse, which saw the release of their final single. The muse seiyuus had their final concert on March 31-April 1, 2016. Muse was followed up by a new group of idol singers/seiyuu Aqours, introduced in Love Live Sunshine!


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