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Tag type: General

A tubular masturbatory tool/sex_toy, used to simulate a vagina, complemented by various shapes at the open end, typically a vulva. Other terms include onahole (Japanese), pocket pussy, and Fleshlight, a particular brand visually distinguished by its flashlight-like casing.

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Last updated: 03/19/18 11:24 PM by GAnonymous
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1girl apron apron_aside areola_slip areolae artificial_vagina bangs bikini black_bikini blonde_hair blush breasts clothes_lift erect_nipples hair_between_eyes hanabi_(ocha) heart heart-shaped_pupils huge_breasts liquid long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer naughty_face open_mouth pink_apron pink_lips ribbed_sweater smile solo sunohara_ayaka sunoharasou_no_kanrinin-san sweatdrop sweater sweater_lift swimsuit symbol-shaped_pupils upper_body white_sweater yellow_background yellow_eyes1girl 3boys antennae apron artificial_vagina blonde_hair blush bottomless bow_panties cum cum_on_clothes dark_skin dark_skinned_male doll_joints dress dress_lift elbow_gloves erection fellatio flat_chest gloves hair_over_eyes hands_up hetero highres long_hair lying maid maid_apron maid_headdress multiple_boys multiple_penises navel nude on_bed open_mouth oral panties penis puffy_sleeves purple_dress purple_gloves pussy sex sex_toy shiny shiny_hair shirt short_sleeves tesse thighhighs underwear vaginal waku_waku_7 white_apron white_bed_sheet white_legwear white_panties white_shirt youjomodoki1girl artificial_vagina asakuraf blush censored flat_chest frontal_wedgie lingerie loli masturbation on_back original pussy_juice tagme v vibrator wedgie1girl artificial_vagina diagram loli original pussy tagme takatou_sora thighs 1boy anus artificial_vagina ass back blonde_hair cum dark_skin dark_skinned_male ejaculation eyes_closed highres kneeling male_focus male_masturbation masturbation nude open_mouth orgasm original perineum saliva simple_background solo sweat takamiya_mizuki undercut white white_background 1girl ahegao anus artificial_vagina artist_request blush breasts curvy female highres huge_breasts ingrid_(taimanin_asagi) large_nipples long_hair nipples no_bra open_mouth pussy sex_toy solo taimanin_(series) taimanin_asagi thighs tongue_out uncensored

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