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Covers the entire series.

long-running light gun rail shooter game franchise created by Namco and one of the more popular light gun game franchises. Tag refers to the series as a whole. The original game debuted in 1996 at the arcades.

The series follows the various adventures of the gunslinging VSSE secret agents as they solve various international crises. Each game has a new set of heroes and villains with the main recurring character being the remarkably sturdy and persistent hit man Wild Dog who ends up as a boss for the heroes to deal with. Although the heroes of each game look different, they can be identified by their jackets and coats and trendier costumes in contrast to the armor and military fatigues most of the other characters wear.

The game introduced a take cover mechanic into the rail shooting genre. The player can take cover to avoid being harmed by bullets, explosions, knives, etc. However, the player is also put under a time limit throughout the entire game. The player must take out all of the required enemies before time runs out or s/he will lose a life so s/he can't hide in cover indefinitely. It is also possible to shoot enemies' knives and missiles out of the air, although this is much more difficult to accomplish consistently.

Console releases of the games also add new gameplay modes, mostly extra missions featuring the characters from the main game.

The series is like a playable action movie and takes a lot of inspiration from both Hollywood and Hong Kong action movies. Wild Dog is inspired by the similar named gunslinging and sturdy antagonist of the John Woo movie Hard Boiled, Mad Dog. Wild Dog also dresses in a way that makes him look like a character from a John Woo movie. Time Crisis 2 also has a few songs that sound very similar to the music from The Rock.

Games in series:
Time_Crisis (1995)
Time_Crisis_2 (1998)
Time_Crisis_3 (2003)
Time_Crisis_4 (2006)
Time_Crisis_5 (2015)
Crisis_Zone (1999)
Time Crisis:_Project Titan (2001)
Razing_Storm (2009)
Time_Crisis_Strike (2009)
Time_Crisis_2nd_Strike (2010)

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