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Tag type: Character

Tag refers to any image featuring the popular and eccentric American singer/songwriter/actress. Any image referencing a specific creation of hers should be tagged as lady_gaga_(copyright). Her name is a reference to the Queen song Radio Gaga.

She was born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 25, 1986 and during her early pre-fame career in the early to mid 2000s, she went under the name Stefani Germanotta and had assembled a band named after her. She was mostly unknown during this time period until she began developing her famed eccentric stage persona Lady Gaga and in 2008 she recorded the single Just Dance underneath her new stage name. After she became enormously popular, she has gone by the name Lady Gaga and even prefers to be referred to by that name.

She is famous for intentionally cultivating an eccentric image and often publicly appears in outlandish outfits. She also sees herself as someone who had trouble fitting in when she was young. She is so well known for her unorthodox fashion sense that fictional female characters who wear bizarre outfits will often be compared to her whether or not they were intentionally modeled after Gaga. Thanks to her over the top style, her hair color frequently changes, but she usually appears as a blonde haired woman, although she was born brunette. Her music videos also reflect her persona and are filled with bizarre imagery, some of which is humorous and some of which is quite dark. She frequently alternates between both upbeat electronic-heavy pop songs and ballads.

While she is predominantly a singer, she has also dabbled in acting and actually made her on-screen acting debut prior to becoming a big star in the 2001 crime drama The Sopranos as a minor extra. It would not be until a few years after she had established herself as a singer that she would receive larger acting roles, first as a cameo in Machete Kills, then a major role in American Horror Story: Hotel, and finally as the female lead in the 2018 version of A Star is Born, where she notably goes against her eccentric stage persona and wardrobe and plays a more down-to-earth character.

She is also known for being a vocal advocate of LGBT rights and she attributes her early success to support from the gay community. Her fan community is officially nicknamed Little Monsters.

She has been directly homaged and parodied in Japanese pop culture as well. Her music video Telephone was parodied by Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and in Jojolion, Araki Hirohiko named a Stand after one of her songs, Born this Way. She has also inspired the names of two species of ferns, G. Germanotta, and G. monstraparva.

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