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Zettai ryouiki (絶対領域, lit. "absolute territory") is the area of bare skin seen between a skirt and thighhighs. To qualify for the tag, the skirt should fall naturally down the leg, if the skirt is skirt-lifted up or otherwise out of place, the image probably doesn't qualify for the tag. Example characters include Toosaka_Rin, Momose_Kurumi and Mayura.

The term itself originates from Neon_Genesis_Evangelion, although it had none of the current connotations in the anime. The modern usage of zettai ryouiki originates from the creator of a desktop mascot application when he used the term on his blog in reference to Mayura.

On Gelbooru, zettai ryouiki does not apply to characters that wear shorts but may apply to characters wearing dresses.

For reference see post #1191737.

Examples of what does not meet the tag criteria:

post #1536348
post #1534088
post #1512594
post #1512413
post #1501970
post #1501971

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 1girl ;o bangs bikini_top blue_bikini_top blue_eyes bottle bow breasts brown_hair cleavage collarbone cropped_jacket day earrings eyebrows_visible_through_hair frilled_skirt frills front-tie_bikini front-tie_top glint hat holding holding_bottle jacket jewelry layered_skirt lens_flare lifebuoy looking_at_viewer love_live! love_live!_sunshine!! medium_breasts miniskirt mmrailgun navel necklace one_eye_closed open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth outdoors pendant polka_dot polka_dot_bikini_top railing sailor_hat ship short_sleeves sitting skirt solo stomach stud_earrings swept_bangs thighhighs watanabe_you water water_bottle watercraft white_bow white_hat white_jacket white_legwear white_skirt wrist_cuffs zettai_ryouiki  1girl :/ anchor animal_hood azur_lane bangs black_skirt blunt_bangs blush bone bow bowtie chains closed_mouth cross erebus_(azur_lane) eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyelashes facing_away from_side heart heart-shaped_pupils highres hood hood_up horizontal-striped_legwear horizontal_stripes long_hair mast miniskirt puffy_sleeves red_bow red_eyes red_neckwear shimashiro_itsuki shirt sidelocks signature silver_hair skirt solo straight_hair striped striped_legwear symbol-shaped_pupils thighhighs torn_clothes turret weapon white_shirt zettai_ryouiki  1girl bikini_top blonde_hair breasts castle dress garter_straps hat heart highres large_breasts mechanical_wings nurse nurse_cap original oversized_object pink_eyes revision solo syringe thighhighs twintails underboob weed_(astarone) wings zettai_ryouiki  1girl 47agdragon absurdres ange_vierge bangs bare_shoulders black_hair black_legwear boots breasts chakram detached_sleeves eyebrows_visible_through_hair floral_background floral_print flower frills gradient gradient_background hair_flower hair_ornament highres hoop japanese_clothes long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer obi official_art original parted_lips red_eyes sash scan shirt simple_background skirt small_breasts solo squatting thighhighs very_long_hair weapon wide_sleeves zettai_ryouiki  1girl 47agdragon :o absurdres arms_at_sides bangs bare_shoulders black_dress black_legwear black_ribbon blood blood_splatter blunt_bangs breasts collar contrapposto cowboy_shot detached_sleeves dress eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair frills gothic_lolita hairband head_tilt highres leg_garter lolita_fashion lolita_hairband long_hair looking_at_viewer original parted_lips red_eyes ribbon scan signature sleeveless sleeveless_dress small_breasts solo standing thighhighs very_long_hair wide_sleeves zettai_ryouiki  1girl 47agdragon absurdres bangs bare_shoulders belt beret bow bowtie breasts cape eyebrows_visible_through_hair garter_straps hat highres long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts miniskirt navel original parted_lips purple_eyes purple_hair scan short_hair simple_background skirt smile solo thighhighs zettai_ryouiki

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