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A trainer class in the Pokemon media.

Gym Leaders are the heads of the Pokémon Gyms, facilities where Pokémon, typically of a specific type, are trained to battle with participants of the Pokémon League challenge. As part of the Pokémon League, each Gym has an official Badge, most often obtained by winning a battle against the Gym Leader. A Gym may have more than one Leader, and the Leaders' roles in their community often extend beyond their Gym.

Kanto Gym Leaders
Takeshi (Brock): takeshi_(pokemon)
Kasumi (Misty): kasumi_(pokemon)
—Botan (Lily): botan_(pokemon) (anime)
—Ayame (Violet): ayame_(pokemon) (anime)
—Sakura (Daisy): sakura_(pokemon) (anime)
Matis (Lt. Surge): matis_(pokemon)
Erika: erika_(pokemon)
Kyou (Koga): kyou_(pokemon)
—Anzu (Janine): anzu_(pokemon)
Natsume (Sabrina): natsume_(pokemon)
Katsura (Blaine): katsura_(pokemon)
Sakaki (Giovanni): sakaki_(pokemon)
—Ookido Green (Blue): ookido_green

Johto Gym Leaders
Hayato (Falkner): hayato_(pokemon)
Tsukushi (Bugsy): tsukushi_(pokemon)
Akane (Whitney): akane_(pokemon)
Matsuba (Morty): matsuba_(pokemon)
Shijima (Chuck): shijima_(pokemon)
Mikan (Jasmine): mikan_(pokemon)
Yanagi (Pryce): yanagi_(pokemon)
Ibuki (Clair): ibuki_(pokemon)

Hoenn Gym Leaders
Tsutsuji (Roxanne): tsutsuji_(pokemon)
Touki (Brawly): touki_(pokemon)
Tessen (Wattson): tessen_(pokemon)
Asuna (Flannery): asuna_(pokemon)
Senri (Norman): senri_(pokemon)
Nagi (Winona): nagi_(pokemon)
Fuu and Ran (Tate and Liza): fuu_(pokemon) and ran_(pokemon)
Mikuri (Wallace): mikuri_(pokemon)
—Adan (Juan): adan_(pokemon)

Sinnoh Gym Leaders
Hyouta (Roark): hyouta_(pokemon)
Natane (Gardenia): natane_(pokemon)
Sumomo (Maylene): sumomo_(pokemon)
Maximum Kamen (Crasher Wake): maximum_kamen
Melissa (Fantina): melissa_(pokemon)
Tougan (Byron): tougan_(pokemon)
Suzuna (Candice): suzuna_(pokemon)
Denji (Volkner): denji_(pokemon)

Unova Gym Leaders (BW)
Dent, Pod and Corn (Cilan, Chili and Cress): dent_(pokemon), pod_(pokemon), and corn_(pokemon)
Aloe (Lenora): aloe_(pokemon)
Arty (Burgh): arty_(pokemon)
Kamitsure (Elesa): kamitsure_(pokemon)
Yacon (Clay): yacon_(pokemon)
Fuuro (Skyla): fuuro_(pokemon)
Hachiku (Brycen): hachiku_(pokemon)
Iris and Shaga (Iris and Drayden): iris_(pokemon) and shaga_(pokemon)

Unova Gym Leaders (B2W2)
Cheren: cheren_(pokemon)
Homika (Roxie): homika_(pokemon)
Arty (Burgh): arty_(pokemon)
Kamitsure (Elesa): kamitsure_(pokemon)
Yacon (Clay): yacon_(pokemon)
Fuuro (Skyla): fuuro_(pokemon)
Shaga (Drayden): shaga_(pokemon)
Shizui (Marlon): shizui_(pokemon)

Kalos Gym Leaders
Viola: viola_(pokemon)
Zakuro (Grant): zakuro_(pokemon)
Koruni (Korrina): koruni_(pokemon)
Fukuji (Ramos): fukuji_(pokemon)
Citron (Clemont): citron_(pokemon)
Mache (Valerie): mache_(pokemon)
Gojika (Olympia): gojika_(pokemon)
Urup (Wulfric): urup_(pokemon)

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