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金剛, literally, "Adamantine", or "Indestructible", named after the Mt. Kongou. (Originally a battlecruiser, IJN cruisers were named after mountains, rivers, and other geologic formations.)

Kongou is the namesake ship of the Kongou-class battleships in Kantai_Collection.

All of the Kongou-class wear a nontraditional_miko uniform with differently colored skirts and thigh_boots. They also wear the same signature winged hairband.

Kongou herself has long_hair, brown_hair bunched into braided double_buns and wears a black skirt. She uses a ship-like rig.

For her second remodeling (remodel_(Kantai_Collection)) this new form revamps her costume and rig and modifies her hairband (the "wings" are now radars, the band itself is now fully gold/brass instead of a gold/brass and black pattern).

Being historically constructed in England, she has peculiar speech habits which include using random English words. Her catchphrase (from her speech when firing) is "Burning love!" (Burning_love_(phrase)) This does not keep her English from being so grammatically incorrect and accented to nearly be incomprehensible.

Her also excitedly dere-dere nature and frequent demands for attention from the Admiral have left her portrayed in doujins as being "protago-sexual", falling in love with anyone who is the protagonist of a series, whatever kind of admiral (male or female, kind or mean, good or evil...) there is, or even other ship girls if they are the main character of the doujin. Her openness and one of her lines, "Hey! Admiral! Touching is OK, but there's a time and place for everything," has earned its own tag: it's_OK_to_touch.

She is also an avid drinker of black tea, sometimes to the point that she is obsessed with or even addicted to the stuff.

In spite of her "indestructible" name, she was historically sunk by the USS Sealion II, and was the last battleship ever to sink to a submarine, and the only IJN battleship to be sunk by one.

Although rarely mentioned, Kongou is the oldest Kancolle ship in the game. Launched in 1912, but the record later broke by gangut_(kantai_collection)

She's perhaps one of the best known ships and generally seen as the current face of the game, despite other more famous ships also being contained within. She has the most figurinines, a large number of in-game lines, a prominent role in the official anime, and even an official subreddit (r/OneTrueKongou)

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Burning_Love_(phrase) - When her signature catchphrase is used in an image
It's_OK_to_Touch - A phrase she speaks as a secretary line if you keep clicking her, one made popular because of its more sexual connotations.

pixiv tags: 金剛, 金剛(艦隊これくしょん), 金剛(艦これ)

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