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Tag type: Character

Female seiyuu born on February 15, 1986.

She made her voice acting debut in 2003 by playing Nadja Applefield from Ashita_no_Nadja. She started off as part of the Gekidan Wakakusa youth theatrical company and was convinced to pursue voice acting by a senior member named Iizuka Mayumi who is also a voice actress. She is most well known for playing Kallen_Statdfeld from Code Geass, a performance she won a best supporting voice actress award for in the first seiyuu awards. The success of Code Geass has also led to her frequently being cast alongside Fukuyama Jun who played Lelouch in said series.

Her work:

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 5girls brown_hair earphones flag half_updo highres hung_kasai idol junna_(singer) koshimizu_ami long_hair macross macross_delta microphone multiple_girls music purple_hair seiyuu seiyuu_connection singer singing suzuki_minori touyama_nao walkure_(macross_delta) yasuno_kiyono 2girls ahoge black_hair blake_belladonna blonde_hair bracelet breasts cleavage constance_raveau english_text erica_(gangsta) full_body gangsta hair_bow highres iesupa koshimizu_ami long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts multiple_girls navel purple_eyes ribbon rwby seiyuu_connection shimamura_yuu smile standing sword tank_top tattoo yang_xiao_long yellow_eyes 1girl agahari animal_ears animal_print blue_eyes bunny_ears bunny_tail charlotte_e_yeager cosplay detached_sleeves grin hair_ribbon highres koshimizu_ami long_hair looking_at_viewer low_ponytail mist_(rune_factory) mist_(rune_factory)_(cosplay) one_eye_closed orange_hair ribbon rune_factory seiyuu_connection smile solo strike_witches tail turnip world_witches_series  1girl :d breasts cleavage cosplay don_(rg06268) fatal_fury grey_background hands_on_hips highres koshimizu_ami long_hair macross macross_delta mikumo_guynemer multicolored_hair open_mouth purple_hair red_eyes seiyuu_connection shiranui_mai shiranui_mai_(cosplay) simple_background smile solo the_king_of_fighters very_long_hair  1girl bow brown_eyes brown_hair choker cosplay cure_melody cure_melody_(cosplay) facing_viewer frilled_skirt frills highres houjou_hibiki koshimizu_ami leaning_forward long_hair looking_at_viewer magical_girl midriff mugino_shizuri pink_bow pink_legwear precure seiyuu_connection shiratama_(0417ss) skirt smile solo suite_precure thighhighs to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun to_aru_majutsu_no_index v_over_eye wrist_cuffs  1girl arabian_clothes blonde_hair bracelet cosplay divine_gate earrings fire full_body highres iesupa ifrit_(divine_gate) jewelry koshimizu_ami purple_eyes rwby seiyuu_connection solo turban yang_xiao_long

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