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The daughter of a king or emperor. The male equivalent is a prince.

A princess is usually portrayed wearing elaborate royal clothes; a majority of the time being composed of a dress, jewelry, and a tiara.

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 2girls :d alternate_hair_length alternate_hairstyle antenna_hair bangs blue_eyes blue_hair bodysuit brown_eyes brown_hair circlet dark_skin earrings grin hair_between_eyes hair_intakes hand_up hyakujuu-ou_golion jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer miyata_(lhr) multicolored multicolored_bodysuit multicolored_clothes multiple_girls no_eyewear open_mouth pidge_gunderson pilot_suit pink_pupils pointy_ears princess princess_allura sidelocks sitting smile thick_eyebrows tongue voltron:_legendary_defender  2girls bangs blonde_hair blue_dress blush breasts cleavage closed_mouth crown dress earrings elbow_gloves gem gloves hair_over_one_eye holding holding_wand jewelry jisoo_kim long_hair long_sleeves mario_(series) medium_breasts multiple_girls open_mouth pink_dress princess princess_peach puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves rosetta_(mario) short_sleeves smile star star_earrings swept_bangs upper_body wand wide_sleeves  1girl bed blush curly_hair dragon_quest dragon_quest_ii dress hat hood hood_up kichijou_agata long_hair looking_at_viewer princess princess_of_moonbrook solo white_dress white_robe 1girl artist_request breasts kangoku_senkan kangoku_senkan_2 large_breasts lilith-soft maya_cordelia princess red_hair smile solo standing sword tiara weapon 2girls ange_(princess_principal) asymmetrical_hair black_cape black_footwear black_gloves black_legwear black_skirt blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_skirt braid cape carrying cross-laced_footwear eyes_closed frills glint gloves grey_hair hand_on_another's_cheek hand_on_another's_face long_hair multiple_girls pantyhose princess princess_(princess_principal) princess_carry princess_principal saruno_(eyesonly712) skirt standing standing_on_one_leg very_long_hair yuri bangs belt bent_over blonde_hair blue_legwear blue_panties blush clitoris commission crown cunnilingus eyes_closed female female_only food green_hair high_heels hood indoors kneeling legs legwear licking licking_pussy long_hair lying multiple_girls nail_polish no_panties on_back on_table panties presenting presenting_pussy princess pussy red_nails red_shirt rosalinaxgirl rosetta_(mario) saliva shy_gal spread_legs spread_pussy spreading super_mario_bros. super_mario_galaxy table thick_thighs thighhighs thighs tongue tongue_out uncensored white_legwear yuri

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