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A group of master Trainers in the Pokemon media.

The Elite Four are the penultimate challenge of the Pokémon League, battled consecutively for the title of League Champion. After the Elite Four are defeated, the reigning Champion must be battled.

Kanto (pokemon_rgby/pokemon_frlg)
Kanna (Lorelei): kanna_(pokemon)
Shiba (Bruno): shiba_(pokemon)
Kikuko (Agatha): kikuko_(pokemon)
Wataru (Lance): wataru_(pokemon)
Champion: Ookido Green (Blue Oak): ookido_green
Pixiv encyclopedia: 四天王(カントー)四天王%28カントー%29

Kanto/Johto (pokemon_gsc/pokemon_hgss)
Itsuki (Will): itsuki_(pokemon)
Kyou (Koga): kyou_(pokemon)
Shiba (Bruno): shiba_(pokemon)
Karin (Karen): karin_(pokemon)
Champion: Wataru (Lance): wataru_(pokemon)
Pixiv encyclopedia: 四天王(ジョウト)四天王%28ジョウト%29

Hoenn (pokemon_rse)
Kagetsu (Sidney): kagetsu_(pokemon)
Fuyou (Phoebe): fuyou_(pokemon)
Prim (Glacia): prim_(pokemon)
Genji (Drake): genji_(pokemon)
Champion (Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire): Tsuwabuki Daigo (Steven Stone): tsuwabuki_daigo
Champion (Pokémon Emerald): Mikuri (Wallace): mikuri_(pokemon)
Pixiv encyclopedia: 四天王(ホウエン)四天王%28ホウエン%29

Sinnoh (pokemon_dppt)
Ryou (Aaron): ryou_(pokemon)
Kikuno (Bertha): kikuno_(pokemon)
Ooba (Flint): ooba_(pokemon)
Goyou (Lucian): goyou_(pokemon)
Champion: Shirona (Cynthia): shirona_(pokemon)
Pixiv encyclopedia: 四天王(シンオウ)四天王%28シンオウ%29

Unova (pokemon_bw/pokemon_bw2)
Shikimi (Shauntal): shikimi_(pokemon)
Giima (Grimsley): giima_(pokemon)
Cattleya (Caitlin): cattleya_(pokemon)
Renbu (Marshal): renbu_(pokemon)
Champion (Pokémon Black & White): Adeku (Adler): adeku_(pokemon)
Champion (Pokémon Black 2 & White 2): Iris: iris_(pokemon)
Pixiv encyclopedia: 四天王(イッシュ)四天王%28イッシュ%29

Kalos (pokemon_xy)
Ganpi (Wikstrom): ganpi_(pokemon)
Pachira (Malva): pachira_(pokemon)
Dracaena (Drasna): dracaena_(pokemon)
Zumi (Siebold): zumi_(pokemon)
Champion: Carnet (Diantha): carnet_(pokemon)
Pixiv encyclopedia: 四天王(カロス)四天王%28カロス%29

Alola (pokemon_sm/pokemon_usum)
Hala: hala_(pokemon)
Lychee (Olivia): lychee_(pokemon)
Acerola: acerola_(pokemon)
Kahili: kahili_(pokemon)
Champion: Kukui: kukui_(pokemon)
Pixiv encyclopedia: 四天王(アローラ)四天王%28アローラ%29

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