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(堀江 由衣 )

Horie Yui is a Japanese female voice actor (seiyuu) and singer born on September 20, 1976 in Katsushika, Tokyo. She is often referred to as Hocchan (ほっちゃん) by Japanese fans and her fanclub is officially known as the Black Cat Alliance (黒ネコ同盟).

Her first exposure to and interest in anime voice acting was ignited by Dirty Pair. She would record herself acting out the characters with her friend. In 1995, she auditioned at Japan Voice Acting Institute for a scholarship and was accepted. In 1996, she entered the SME Voice Actor Audition in 1996, winning the Namco Prize and became part of the Dorikan Club, a group of aspiring voice actresses, alongside her friend and frequent coworker Tamura Yukari. Horie made her debut in 1997 in the Playstation/Sega Saturn game Voice Fantasia: Ushinawareta Voice Power and made her breakthrough as Multi in To Heart and Naru in Love Hina. Love Hina's success boosted both her voice acting and singing careers. In 2012, she created and voiced a virtual idol character called Miss_Monochrome who debuted in one of Horie's concerts. Said character became popular enough to star in anime and manga.

She is known for frequently playing moe female characters and for her close interaction with her fans. She has lent her voice to Hitomi_(DoA) (Dead_Or_Alive), Narusegawa_Naru (Love_Hina) and Sawachika_Eri (School_Rumble), among with many other characters, such as, satonaka_chie from persona 4.

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