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(떳다 그녀!!)

An iconic Korean Flash animation music video romantic comedy/drama series created by the animation group Sambakza, but primarily directed by amalloc. The series originated as 2000 comic titled One Day ( 어떤날), which appeared in a Braille newspaper, called "Newspaper that we read together," (함께 읽는 신문). It was turned into a Flash animation series with the first episode being released on April 20, 2003. It soon became highly popular, and garnered international attention when Sambakza uploaded the first episode onto the English-language Flash animation website Newgrounds. The highly positive reception convinced Sambakza to make more episodes and ultimately five episodes were created. There was also a three year gap between the release of the second and third episode. The last three episodes, each of which starts immediately after the previous one ends, were released throughout 2008. The series is named after the ska song that the first episode is set to.

The series tells the story of Nabi, a green scarf wearing male cat, and Doki, a skirt wearing female rabbit. The two of them live in a world where a relationship between cats and rabbits is taboo, but Doki ends up falling in love with Nabi at first sight. Nabi, well aware of the species tension between cats and rabbits, tries to dissuade Doki from pursuing him, but Doki is relentless in her pursuit and she won't let societal prejudices discourage her from pursuing Nabi. Nabi eventually resigns himself to being Doki's boyfriend, but finds himself gradually falling in love with her for real. Unfortunately, their relationship is frowned upon by society, and their relationship is increasingly challenged as more and more cats and rabbits become aware of them.

The series is an allegorical story with cats and rabbits standing in for humans. The story is told entirely through music and imagery; there is no spoken dialogue in the series and minimal use of sound effects. Each episode is set to one pre-existing major piece of rock music, making the series much like a music video. The series also makes use of color for symbolism.

The series was highly well received: all five episodes remain in the Top 20 of Newgrounds' Best of all Time list, and as of December 2010, all of the episodes have been viewed over 11 million times.


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