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Tag type: General

High heels (high heel shoes) are footwear with elevated heels. Based on their construction and shape, their type can be various: regular pumps, sandals, mules or boots. (For the latter, there is also the high_heel_boots tag.)

If there is an opening in the front of the toebox, they are open_toe_shoes (peeptoes) too. High heel shoes may have a supporting strap or ribbon secured around the ankle, if so, they are also strappy_heels. If they are secured with long (shoe)laces or ribbons in a criss-cross fashion upward the legs, they are cross-laced_footwear.

If the whole sole is elevated, but the heel is higher than the rest of the sole, they are platform_heels and platform_footwear. Not to be confused with. If the sole and the heel are in the same elevated height, ony the platform_footwear tag applies.

Based on the heels of the shoes alone, additional tags could apply to an image:
stiletto_heels - Considerably high, very thin heels.
block_heels - Thick, block-shaped, usually fairly rectangular heels.
wedge_heels - A mix between block and regular heels, wedge shaped, in the length of the sole.
clear_heels (sometimes called stripper heels) - High heels which have their soles made from a clear, hard, transparent/translucent material (e.g. acryl). Usually sandals, having both stiletto heels and platforms.

See also:
boots and high_heeled_boots

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