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Tag type: General

High heels (high heel shoes) are footwear with elevated heels. Based on their construction and shape, their type can be various: regular pumps, sandals, mules or boots. (For the latter, there is also the high_heel_boots tag.)

If there is an opening in the front of the toebox, they are open_toe_shoes (peeptoes) too. High heel shoes may have a supporting strap or ribbon secured around the ankle, if so, they are also strappy_heels. If they are secured with long (shoe)laces or ribbons in a criss-cross fashion upward the legs, they are cross-laced_footwear.

If the whole sole is elevated, but the heel is higher than the rest of the sole, they are platform_heels and platform_footwear. Not to be confused with. If the sole and the heel are in the same elevated height, ony the platform_footwear tag applies.

Based on the heels of the shoes alone, additional tags could apply to an image:
stiletto_heels - Considerably high, very thin heels.
block_heels - Thick, block-shaped, usually fairly rectangular heels.
wedge_heels - A mix between block and regular heels, wedge shaped, in the length of the sole.
clear_heels (sometimes called stripper heels) - High heels which have their soles made from a clear, hard, transparent/translucent material (e.g. acryl). Usually sandals, having both stiletto heels and platforms.

See also:
boots and high_heeled_boots

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 2girls arm_behind_back ayuma_sayu bangs bare_shoulders between_legs black_hair black_panties black_skirt black_vest blush boots bow breasts center_opening chains commentary_request crop_top dark_skin dress earrings eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang hair_between_eyes hair_bow halter_dress halterneck hand_between_legs hand_on_own_chest head_tilt heart high_heels jewelry large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored multicolored_eyes multiple_girls navel necktie nipples original panties purple_bow purple_neckwear red_eyes red_neckwear seiza shiny shiny_skin side-tie_bottom side-tie_panties simple_background sitting skirt small_breasts thigh_boots thighhighs underwear very_long_hair vest wariza white_background white_dress  1boy 1girl alexa_pasztor asymmetrical_wings black_dress black_footwear black_hair black_wings bleach boots breasts cleavage cross cross_necklace crown demon detached_sleeves dress facial_mark full_body hair_between_eyes hand_in_another's_hair high_heel_boots high_heels highres holding_skull horns inoue_orihime jewelry long_hair medium_breasts necklace short_dress sideboob skull sleeveless sleeveless_dress standing striped striped_dress thigh_boots thighhighs ulquiorra_cifer very_long_hair wings yellow_eyes  1girl 2018 blue_hair blush boots breasts dated detached_sleeves eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed floating_hair full_body geduan grey_footwear grey_skirt hair_between_eyes hatsune_miku heart heart_hair heart_hands high_heel_boots high_heels highres long_hair miniskirt necktie number open_mouth pleated_skirt shirt simple_background skirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt small_breasts smile solo tattoo thank_you thigh_boots thighhighs twintails very_long_hair vocaloid white_background white_shirt zettai_ryouiki  1girl animal_print ass bandage bangs bare_shoulders bending_forward bent_over black_legwear blue_hair blush breasts bright_pupils closed_mouth club earrings eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyelashes eyes_visible_through_hair fang fang_out frown full_body green_eyes hair_between_eyes high_heels holding holding_weapon horn jewelry legs_crossed leotard long_hair medium_breasts momotarou_densetsu nollety oni oni_horns orange_leotard outline shoes sidelocks solo standing strapless strapless_leotard thighhighs tiger_print very_long_hair watson_cross weapon white_footwear white_outline white_pupils yasha 1girl :d bangs bare_arms bare_shoulders blue_hair blush breasts cameltoe covered_navel erect_nipples eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair fangs food full_body green_eyes groin high_heels holding holding_food horn legs_crossed long_hair medium_breasts momotarou_densetsu nollety one-piece_swimsuit oni oni_horns onigiri open_mouth pink_footwear pointy_ears shadow shoes sidelocks simple_background smile solo staff standing swimsuit very_long_hair watson_cross white_background white_swimsuit yasha 1girl ;d animal anniversary bangs blue_hair blue_neckwear blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt blush bouquet collarbone dixie_cup_hat double_bun eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang flower full_body hand_up hat high_heels highres holding holding_bouquet horizontal_stripes kantai_collection lan_jiang leaf medal military_hat miniskirt neckerchief one_eye_closed open_mouth palms pink_flower pink_rose pleated_skirt red_footwear roman_numerals rose sailor_collar samuel_b._roberts_(kantai_collection) scar school_uniform serafuku shirt shoes short_hair silhouette simple_background skirt sleeve_cuffs smile solo speech_bubble star striped whale white_background white_hat white_shirt yellow_eyes yellow_flower

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