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Tag type: General

The uniform with a sailor-style collar worn by Japanese schoolgirls in middle school and high school. The standard uniform consists of a white blouse, a red ribbon, and a pleated skirt, but there are as many variations as there are stars in the sky. Fetishized by otaku.

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 1girl black_hair blue_background blue_skirt brown_footwear flower full_body green_eyes grin hair_flower hair_ornament hands_on_own_face highres loafers long_hair long_skirt looking_at_viewer loose_socks lying on_stomach pleated_skirt red_neckwear sakugawa_school_uniform saten_ruiko school_uniform serafuku shoes skirt smile solo to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun to_aru_majutsu_no_index white_legwear yuuki_(qgbugtbhbxn5ts9)  2girls akitsuki_tsukasa anchor_symbol black_legwear black_sailor_collar black_skirt brown_eyes brown_hair cowboy_shot folded_ponytail hair_ornament hairclip highres ikazuchi_(kantai_collection) inazuma_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection kneehighs long_hair multiple_girls neckerchief open_mouth pleated_skirt red_neckwear sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku short_hair skirt star starry_background thighhighs twitter_username two-tone_background  2girls absurdres anchor_symbol anniversary black_sailor_collar blue_eyes brown_hair close-up dx_(dekusu) fang flat_cap hair_ornament hairclip hat hibiki_(kantai_collection) highres ikazuchi_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_girls neckerchief open_mouth red_neckwear sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku short_hair silver_hair simple_background twitter_username white_background  1boy 1girl antenna_hair arm_up black_footwear black_shirt brown_hair card_captor_sakura cherry_blossoms cloud clow_card flying fuuin_no_tsue green_eyes hair_bobbles hair_ornament hat headwear_removed highres holding kero kinomoto_sakura legs mary_janes mo-re: open_mouth panties pantyshot petals pink_panties pleated_skirt school_uniform serafuku shirt shoes short_hair skirt sky smile socks tail tree two_side_up underwear wand white_footwear white_skirt wind wind_lift wings  2girls black_hair black_serafuku black_shirt blue_eyes blush braid brown_neckerchief brown_sailor_collar brown_serafuku brown_shorts eye_contact green_eyes hair_over_shoulder kantai_collection koume_keito long_sleeves looking_at_another machinery mogami_(kantai_collection) multiple_girls one_eye_closed pleated_skirt red_neckwear sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shigure_(kantai_collection) shirt short_hair shorts single_braid skirt smokestack table white_sailor_collar yellow_background  2girls :d ^_^ ^o^ ahoge bandage bangs bare_legs barefoot bike_shorts black_gloves black_shorts blue_skirt blue_sky blush brown_hair cloud commentary_request day elbow_gloves eyebrows_visible_through_hair eyes_closed flower_wreath from_below furutaka_(kantai_collection) gloves hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hair_ribbon hand_in_hair hand_up head_wreath kabocha_torute kako_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection long_hair md5_mismatch miniskirt multiple_girls neckerchief open_mouth outdoors person_carrying pleated_skirt red_neckwear red_ribbon ribbon school_uniform serafuku shiny shiny_hair shirt short_hair short_sleeves shorts shorts_under_skirt single_elbow_glove single_glove skirt sky smile soaking_feet very_long_hair wading water white_shirt

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