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Tag type: General

A situation wherein a character's anus is exposed but their genitals are not. This can be by way of strategically designed or torn clothing, or by chastity or maebari. The implication is that the character is available for receptive anal sex, but not other acts.

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Last updated: 11/06/18 8:56 AM by pugsaremydrugs
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1girl anus anus_only ass black_hair blue_eyes bottomless chair desk hips huge_ass maebari poin shoes sitting solo ssss.gridman sweat takarada_rikka thick_thighs thighs wide_hips1girl anus anus_only ass backless_panties curvy from_behind grey_hair hips huge_ass idolmaster jabara_tornado long_hair panties shijou_takane solo underwear white_background wide_hips2girls absurdres anus anus_only areolae ass barefoot bike_shorts black_hair bra bra_lift breasts brown_hair commentary_request ehohin embarrassed from_above heart highres long_hair looking_to_the_side medium_breasts multiple_girls navel nipples open_mouth original ponytail pussy_peek school_uniform seiza shorts shorts_pull sitting skirt speech_bubble spoken_heart sports_bra spread_legs stomach tan tanline translation_request underwear yuri1girl 6q_(rokuku) anus anus_only ass bangs blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts cameltoe detached_sleeves dress dress_lift gloves green_dress green_hat hat highres large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer panties ribbon-trimmed_sleeves ribbon_trim sailor_hat senran_kagura senran_kagura_shoujo-tachi_no_shin'ei short_sleeves sideboob solo thighhighs top-down_bottom-up torn_clothes torn_dress torn_panties uncensored underwear white_gloves white_legwear yomi_(senran_kagura)2girls anus anus_only ass bare_legs barefoot censored dimples_of_venus feet from_behind fundoshi groin highres japanese_clothes legs mosaic_censoring multiple_girls original public_use pussy soles sweat sweatdrop take_your_pick thighs through_wall toes trubkaanus anus_only artist_request breasts highres navel nipples no_panties original panties panties_around_leg shirt_lift skirt spread_legs tagme thighhighs uncensored underwear upskirt

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