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A busty and tall red haired woman who wears a strapless red dress. She has long red hair worn in a hair over one eye style. She is one of the major characters of Who_Framed_Roger_Rabbit and the original novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit and one of the most iconic characters from said movie.

She is a humanoid Toon who is the wife of the rabbit Toon star Roger Rabbit. In the original book, she is a former comic star as well as a porn star. In the film, she is a nightclub singer who is immensely popular among humans. Eddie Valiant is sent to investigate her because there are rumors that she's having an affair with Marvin Acme. Eddie takes photos of her and Acme which seem incriminating, but Jessica insists that she's only doing what she does out of a desire to help her husband whom she deeply loves.

As a humanoid Toon, her personality is comparatively closer to real humans and her appearance more attractive to human eyes. However, she isn't as popular amongst Toons due to her more sedate personality. To Toons, her comedic husband Roger is considered more attractive. However, when pushed, Jessica is still capable of exhibiting the comedic exaggeration that the other Toon are able to do.

In the original novel, her look was inspired by Red from the cartoon Red_Hot_Riding_Hood. Richard Williams, who designed her film incarnation, modeled her after various 1940s era film actresses like Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, and Lauren Bacall. She was intentionally designed to be over the top sexy, in Williams' words, "the embodiment of the ultimate male fantasy, drawn by a cartoonist."

While she is an in-universe sex symbol in both the novel and film, her personality is radically different between each incarnation. In the original book, she is a selfish woman who feels no love for Roger and is one of the main antagonists, a more straightforward femme fatale. Early drafts of the film also went with this characterization. In the final incarnation of the film, Jessica is initially a suspicious character, but is ultimately revealed to be a faithful and loyal wife who sincerely loves Roger.

She is voiced by Kathleen Turner, who went uncredited in the film. Her singing voice was provided by Amy Irving.

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